1. First Issue

1. First Issue

June 2002 – UK to Peru

This is the first issue of JAB produced on the move, using I-net cafes. After a few days in Lima, JAB moved down the coast to Pisco, and over the Andes to Nazca before renting an apartment in Cusco with a view of the mountains.

The physical part of JAB is the laptop; this delicate piece of equipment, which we call Mr Benn, has already crossed mountains and deserts, flown in a light aircraft and ventured into a speedboat to view seals and seabirds in the Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately, such was our rush to move flat and pack our rucksacks, Mr Benn lacked vital pieces of equipment for his trip and until fairly recently we have had difficulty accessing the web and no way to collect our main email. This has limited our activities some what and created a backlog of site work to do and emails to answer.

But thanks to help from our neighbours Cusco Weekly we are able to get JAB out this month, receive emails and work on the site. The only thing we can’t do is send email but we should have that problem solved shortly.

Cusco Weekly, by the way, is a new weekly English language local paper for Cusco and Peru. Their website at www.cuscoweekly.com is worth a look if you are headed this way or merely want to find out more about our new home town. Another of our neighbours, South American Explorers (where Deirdre is helping out voluntarily), kindly lets us use their facilities which includes advice, trip reports, maps, guidebooks and discounts. More info about SAE can be found at www.saexplorers.org

We need to make some money to finance the trip. This website is in effect our working holiday so please forgive us if the site and JAB contains a few more commercial areas and advertisements than previously. We are not going to go money mad though and will only accept advertising from organisations that offer genuinely useful services to travellers and those intent on working abroad.

We hope our experiences make PAYAway a better website and JAB a better newsletter. The tips passed on to us by the many travellers we have already met and will meet will be passed on to you via these pages and in JAB.

Thanks again to everyone who has wished us luck. And continued thanks to Columbus Direct and Catch 22 who are helping with our trip.

ColumbusDirect – http://www.columbusdirect.com
Catch 22 – http://www.catch22products.co.uk

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