We are house hunting

1. Homeless

December 2005 to January 2006 – UK to Egypt

Hello. We’re off travelling again and, this time, we are looking for a home. On our return from our travels around the world a few years previously we were lucky to find somewhere to live in Wales, in my Dad’s newly bought two bedroom cottage. He needed a tenant and we needed a home without having to pay an expensive deposit so things worked out well for all of us. But, though he still worked and lived in Essex, we knew eventually he would want his home for himself.

We had been planning a trip to Central America but thought we had better find somewhere to live first – if only for somewhere to shove all our crap, as we call our furniture and belongings. We also did not want to bother my family again with storage issues and where to temporarily crash when we got back from our travels with no money or future prospects.

The idea of buying abroad has been forming in our minds for a while. Goa was mentioned, we browsed Brazil and Belize and considered the Cape Verde Islands.

Eventually we settled on eastern Europe. It wasn’t too far that we couldn’t get back home in an emergency to see our families and it was just possible we might be able to afford to buy and live there. Beyond that we didn’t have a clue what we wanted.

So to avoid all these awkward problems we thought we’d clear off to Egypt and do a bit of thinking in the sunshine. Or, even better, relax and forget about our problems completely for a month.

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