10. Cheesecake & Whiskey

10. Cheesecake & Whiskey

April 2003 – Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand

Hello. This will probably be the last issue of JAB produced on the move. We bring this issue to you not long after the last one because, as mentioned above, we intend to tuck away Mr Benn while we toddle off to Laos, China, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Last issue we mentioned we were off to Singapore where we stayed a couple of days, saw Raffles and avoided SARS, before heading back to Malacca to pick up our handy Catch 22 travel safe which we had left behind.

Leaving the heat we made it to the cool Cameron Highlands and stuffed ourselves with steamboat, strawberries and cheesecake. Rik, a pleasant and informative South African veteran of over four years of continuous travel, persuaded us, over a litre each of whiskey, to add southern China to our itinerary and, after a brief stop in Bangkok, we are now in Kanchanaburi on the river Kwai while we wait for our visas.

The famous bridge is still crawling with hundreds of Japanese while the thousands of British, Dutch, Australasians and, let’s not forget, Asians that built the original bridges lie dead in the immaculately kept graveyards in town.

It does feel like we are nearing the end of our travels but we still have a lot to fit in, probably too much, that we will tell you about next issue. That issue, I’ll repeat again, won’t be sent until the end of May because our bags are being lightened and the laptop is being put away for a while.

Lastly, the usual apology if you’ve got in touch with us and we haven’t got back to you. We’ve got some emails ready to be sent but at last attempt they didn’t go for some reason so if they don’t reach you in the next day or two they won’t go for another seven or eight weeks.

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  1. Connor Bell

    i’d love to munch those very big cheesecakes, they are really tasty and sweet,;-

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