Volunteer Work in South America

11 Cheap Places to Volunteer in South America & My Favourite Architecture – the Apollo Temple: Our Guest Posts on Art of Backpacking & Tend To Travel

I have written and had accepted a couple of guest posts in the past week or so. The first, 11 Cheap Places to Volunteer in South America, is a long promised follow up to a similar post I did a while back on Central America.

The South American piece covers all the countries in South America except Suriname and French Guiana and suggests inexpensive ways backpackers can hook up with local organisations to both save money and do some good.

Suggestions include a 24 week Amazon internship in Guyana, where volunteers will find themselves working with local Amerindian tribes and ex UK Special Forces, and a sustainable living project in Ecuador where your dinner will either be grown in the garden or carried in by a donkey called Bonita.

Over at Tend To Travel, Amer the travelling architect wants to know more about our favourite architecture. I chose the Apollo Temple, a building near our home in Didim, Turkey.

Apollo Temple. Didim, Turkey

Commissioned by Alexander the Great in 334BC, the builders milked 700 years of overtime out of the project until work was abandoned due to the growing influence of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Despite never being finished and knocked about a bit by earthquakes, the temple is still an imposing sight and well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Read more at Art of Backpacking and Tend To Travel.

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