12 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts

12 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts

One of the reasons why we started this blog was that we wanted to play nicely with the other kids.

While our parent website, the Overseas Job Centre, looks on proudly (and pays the bills) we hope to grow up in traffic, get hair in funny places and form lasting relationships with other websites.

I’m sure you have the same desire. No blog wants to be unpopular and little visited so, as in life, we try to find ways to be liked and part of a social circle.

Exchanging links is one way for blogs and websites to become popular and help with search engine rankings but to really get the Google juice flowing nothing beats inserting an article into another traveller’s website.

Though guest posting takes more time and effort it ultimately leads to a more fulfilling relationship with other blogpackers and the satisfaction of seeing more visitors to our own writings.

Here are 12 websites actively welcoming good guest writers:

Art of Backpacking
Always seeking 500 words minimum on off the beaten track destinations as well as a different approach to even the most beaten tracks. Art of Backpacking is also in need of food and drink pieces and motivational articles. Posts here seem to generate a fair amount of feed back and twitter love.

Past guest posts:

Gap Year Escape
Amar created Gap Year Escape to pursue his dream of travelling the world indefinitely and is himself a guest poster. He states that he is always happy to speak to contributors. The only drawback against posting to Gap Year Escape is that the byline is placed at the top of the page rather than the bottom.

Past guest posts:

Global Grasshopper
Though there is quite a large team behind this site they still look for travel writers just itching to get their work published on the web.

Past guest posts:

Nomadic Matt
Matt is the master marketeer of the travel blogging world. With all the work he puts in posting on other websites, it is no wonder he is always looking for new authors to share their travel knowledge and help expand his website. Matt gets lots of traffic and articles placed here can expect lots of comments.

Past guest posts:

Go Backpacking
An online guide to independent travel, Go Backpacking evolved from a 20 month around the world travel blog started in 1999.

Past guest posts:

It’s clear that from early into his world travels, editor Paul Dow had ambitions for TravMonkey to be more than a RTW travel blog. Started in 2007 this online magazine welcomes guest writers to cover topics such as the best ways to plan to more direct questions such as “Should I take my laptop travelling?”

Past guest posts:

Almost Fearless
Swapping her corporate perks to become a homeless vagabonder, Christine Gilbert’s blog and Ebooks are making her a bit of a poster girl for digital nomads. Christine interacts well with her audience and guest writers can expect to receive plenty of comments.

Past guest posts:

A Little Adrift
Shannon’s likable blog, covering topics such as volunteering, football in Guatemala and vegetarian food, offers plenty of scope for guest writers to offer a little contribution.

Past guest posts:

I Wish Gap Year
This new gap year website provides information on working, volunteering and studying abroad. They are looking to collaborate with other bloggers on a reciprocal basis; they write a piece for you, you write one for them.

Past guest posts:

Travel with a Mate
Are seeking guest bloggers to exchange advice, review destinations and write features for their site. A popular way to feature involves answering a few questions for an interview, revealing a little about yourself and your travels.

Past guest posts:

Runaway Jane
Jane is currently looking for guest writers who can post about travelling in Africa, or as a vegetarian, teaching English or WWOOFing, or offer travel photography tips. Bylines are placed at the top of each article rather than the bottom.

Past guest posts:

Twenty-Something Travel
You don’t have to be in your twenties to be a guest author but do make sure that you have a relevant topic in mind, such as how to drink the Australian way, or lesson learnt from travelling. An alternative to writing an article is to submit some photos for the Friday Postcard section. The site features a guest writer around once a week.

Past guest posts:

Photo courtesy of antigone78

More information: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2009/02/01/how-to-guest-post-to-promote-your-blog/

Do you guest write for other blogs? Has the relationship been beneficial?

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39 comments to 12 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts

  • Michael  says:

    Thanks for the mention! I do guest write for other blogs but I don’t do it enough. I find myself busy enough keeping up with my own sometimes. I get an overwhelming amount of requests for guest writing. The other blogs mentioned are really good for guest writing as well.

  • Amar  says:

    Thanks for the mention.
    Why would it be a drawback to include the byline at the top of the page rather than the bottom?

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Hi Amar,
      I see the reasoning behind putting the byline at the top but just feel that a reader is unlikely to click through a link to the author’s website until the article has been read, by which point they are at the bottom of the piece. I know it’s not too great a deal to scroll up the page but web users are much more likely to act on a link in front of them than go hunting elsewhere. Of the 12 websites mentioned here, 10 put the author’s bio and link at the bottom.

  • TravMonkey  says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the mention…. great post too! We’re always looking for great new interesting and fun articles.

  • Devin  says:

    Nice list and thank you for it the effort it took to make it.

    I am also happy to receive guest blogs. For regular blogs I pay a little.

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Hi Devin,
      I’ll probably do a 10 More…. follow up some time in the future. I’ll make sure to include InTheKnow Traveller.

      • Devin  says:

        Much appreciated.

  • Shannon OD  says:

    Thank you so much for including my blog in this roundup! You also gave me some great thoughts for some other places I should be posting! Looking forward to any followups you do on other sites – this was a great idea and appreciated 🙂

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Hi Shannon,
      I’m more than happy to include A Little Adrift here. This piece started off as research of places where I should be posting myself. I thought it would be silly to keep it to myself when it might make a decent article in itself. Two birds with one stone, right?

      Incidentally, I have just had my first guest post published. Coincidentally, it’s about Volunteering in Central America and Pop Wuj was considered for the Guatemalan organisation.

  • Becky Padmore  says:

    Hey thanks for the mention! We’ll always happily receive guest articles that fit in with our blog style.

  • Craig  says:

    Thanks Shaun, if I could add some of the sites I run that allow guest posts:

    Indie Travel Podcast also accepts guest posts; we have around 20,000 unique visitors a month, so you’re likely to get some traffic. (http://indietravelpodcast.com)

    Eurail Stories also accepts guest posts from people travelling on, or passionate about, European rail travel. (http://eurailstories.com)

    Travel Talks is a video-linking site. If you have a travel-specific Youtube feed, we can include that. (http://traveltalks.tv)

    Contact me through http://indietravelmedia.com.

  • jessiev  says:

    what a great list! we also welcome well-written guest posts at Wandering Educators – we’re a travel library, and like to showcase lots of different ways and places to travel!

  • 10 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts  says:

    […] hour spent in research is an hour lost posting to our own blogs so when I found 12 travel blogs looking for guest posts I shared them with my readers and freed up the night for something […]

  • The Working Traveller  says:

    Hi Devin and Craig,

    I’ve done a follow up over at GoBackpacking and included you both:


  • Stanford Sparr  says:

    Useful information here. I am still looking for supplemental information on travel tips and would be thankful any advice. Thanks a lot!

  • desklancer  says:

    Thanks for posting the lists i assigned a Task as freelancer to collect lists of these blogs and you make my work easy Great and appreciations

  • Mark Hoult  says:

    A very useful idea – thanks.

    An update of this list (or extension of it) from time to time would be really, really useful too. I’ sure lots of travel blog owners who are looking for articles would be very pleased to appear on the Working Traveller list.

    Once again, many thanks.

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’ve since added two more lists on this subject: one itself a guest post at GoBackpacking, the other at http://www.the-working-traveller.com/33-more-travel-blogs-looking-for-guest-posts/

      I’m also currently working on a long term project that I hope will be a reference guide for travel bloggers. Part of the information I am collecting for that project concerns guest posting.

  • Travel Buzz  says:

    Mad about travel? Travel stories from around the world. Great interviews from global travellers. Snappy, peppy and straight to the point. Why not tell your story?

    Travel Buzz has just launched – be one of the first to be featured. Get the lowdown then answer the 5 little questions.

  • Mark Boyd  says:

    This is some nice info; however, Nomadic Matt states clearly on his contact page that he does not accept guest posts.

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Thanks for the update. He has accepted them in the past and was looking for GPs when this post was published nearly two years ago.

  • Nayanna Chakrbarty  says:

    This is an eclectic mix of travel magazines. It is time; I unpack, unzip the coherent life and get cracking to be in this part of the world of travel writing.

  • erwin  says:

    hi i am Erwin. Thank you for the list< your list is very helpful to increase my backlink.

  • Mary Rose  says:

    I agree with you but link exchange is not like by Google. If you provide one way link. http://www.indiatravelhq.com/ This is travel site. I want to submit guest post for this site. How can I get back-link.

  • Arnar  says:

    very good efforts to prepare good lists for travel guest blogging as google is considering relevant blogging so it will help us to promote site in right direction.
    indietravelpodcast is very popular site in travel sources. thanks, Arnar

  • Sheza @ Party Cruise Dubai  says:

    I was looking for such type of G-blogging list, thanks for sharing…

  • Carlos  says:


  • Carlos  says:

    There are a lot of this websites that are not kids anymore, and more of half of this have a textual message: “We do not accept guest blogging”
    I guess they have big beards and hair everywhere now.
    Carlos from Costa Brava by Apartime

  • Gretel  says:

    Thanks for this post! Looking for a blog that accepts guest posts is getting trickier these days.

    • Shane  says:

      No problem. Bear in mind though that this post is 5 years old now and I’m sure some of the sites listed here will have changed their policies. Carlos, in the comment above yours, notes over half of them no longer accept GPs.

  • Wisata Bogor  says:

    Thanks for the summary. I hope can learn something more in this website. I especially like the Travel Center – lots of quickly available info on any cities I might visit on tour.
    Wisata Bogor recently posted…25 Tempat Wisata Anak Di Bandung Yang MenarikMy Profile

  • Sufian  says:


    Hope you are doing well.

    I am looking for some advertising opportunities and really interested to advertise on your blog the-working-traveller.com

    I was wondering if you are willing to accept paid/sponsored post on your Blog. Can you please let me know with the rate you charged for per post?

    Looking for your kind reply.


  • alp  says:

    thanks for the list.I agree with Mark.

  • Muhammad amjad  says:

    You did a very good job for us and save our time to search travel blogs. Thanks for share with us your hardworking.
    Muhammad amjad recently posted…How to Plan a Trip to UK – Why We Choose It for TripMy Profile

  • Katie Marshall  says:

    Hey, we’re also accepting guests posts on our website http://www.roundheworldmagazine.com. We’re looking for travel bloggers as well as vegan and LGBTQ bloggers. Thanks for the extensive list, we’re slowly reaching out to all of them.

  • Abhishek Dutta  says:

    Hey, there we are accepting guest blog posting on your blog- https://blog.100mph.in/ .So any keen blogger who is interested in writing over travel and food are warmly welcomed to our platform. We expect all good bloggers.

  • Chandan  says:

    Hi David!

    I also run a travel catgory blog at http://www.techubnews.com/category/travel/ with DA 20.

    I am wondering if you could review my blog and add to your list of travel blogs who accept guest posts.


  • Khyati Taneja  says:

    I want to write for you. I am a travel blogger from India

  • Katie Marshall  says:

    We’re accepting guest posts for all things travel, well being, art, veganism and LGBTQIA+

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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