Read About These 168 Travellers That Have Worked and Volunteered Abroad

Read About These 168 Travellers That Have Worked and Volunteered Abroad

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When Sherrill started travelling in her sixties she found volunteering to be her main source of lodging, food, and new friends. Chris quit a job with STA Travel for a life on the road, working as a surf instructor in Ecuador and appearing in a nudist movie, while Leif worked aboard a Caribbean sailing yacht.

Mike and Ashley thought Bhutan too expensive to visit so jumped at the chance when offered a teaching job there. Derrick’s found his own students and taught informally in a local park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, while Kaley went to Spain to teach English and stayed because of a boy.

Lauren was a bungee trampoline operator in Australia. Jodes picked oranges there, while a job with a nightclub solved Jeremy’s money problems and was the first of many tending bar around the world in the next five years. Alice swapped her hiking boots for high heels to perform burlesque in China.

They are just a handful of the 168 travellers we have listed in our updated Workers of the World Profiles in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. To see them all, please visit

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  1. Edward Phelan

    This is lovely to see so many people adapting their lifestyle and working abroad!

    I went travelling and signed up to summer jobs abroad and it was the best experience of my life. I wish I could have captured every moment!

    I have shared this post. 🙂

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