Work and volunteer abroad

139 Travellers That Have Worked and Volunteered Abroad

Chris quit a job with STA Travel for a life on the road, working as a surf instructor in Ecuador and appearing in a nudist movie, Franca and Dale took care of 600 dogs in Thailand, Kim dropped explosives out of a helicopter onto ski slopes, while Kaley went to Spain in 2009 to teach English and stayed because of a boy.

They are just a handful of the 139 travellers we have added to our Workers of the World Profiles, a new sticky page we have added to The Working Traveller. To see the full list, please visit

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2 comments to 139 Travellers That Have Worked and Volunteered Abroad

  • MOHD ADNAN KHAN  says:

    sir how i can earn a job in hospitality trade i have 3.6 years experience in hospitality line i am also a great cook of indian traditional food

  • Edward Phelan  says:

    This is lovely to see so many people adapting their lifestyle and working abroad!

    I went travelling and signed up to summer jobs abroad and it was the best experience of my life. I wish I could have captured every moment!

    I have shared this post. 🙂

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