16 Travel & Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You

16 Travel & Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You

Roll up, roll up. Get on the interview merry-go-round. The interview plays a big part in every publication and online travel magazines and blogs are no exception. Interviewers get content and interviewees a way to promote themselves and their own blogs.

While blogless travellers are always welcome the most active participants in interviews are usually bloggers and travel writers themselves. In a whirligig of Q & As we don our traveller hats to answer question before playing interview pass the parcel and laying down our own enquires to another travel writer.

Below are 16 travel and expat blogs that want to interview you (and me):

The Working Traveller
We interview people about living abroad for our Why I Live in… feature and will be introducing other interview series over the next few months.

Sample Interview:
Matt Gibson: Why I Live in… Tainan

Taiwan based Matt writes for several publications including the Huffington Post and the excellent Transitions Abroad. Often he follows up interviews on TA on his own blog.

An Interview with the Most Professional Hobo: Nora Dunn

The Professional Hobo
Another Transitions Abroad writer, Nora Dunn has been travelling for several years. Numerous travellers have featured in her Week in the Life series

A Week in the Life of Erin & Simon: Never Ending Voyage

Never Ending Voyage
Attempting to travel the world permanently since they left the UK in March 2010, Erin and Simon use their website designing skills to fund their lifestyle. Each month they ask other permanent nomads how they manage to keep moving.

Nomadic Interviews: Positive World Travel

Positive World Travel
Elise and Anthony document their travels to inspire others to embark on their own long term journeys. They have over a dozen interviews with other travellers under their belts.

It’s All About Memories. Interview with Caz

yTravel Blog
Caz and Craig have worked hard to grow their blog where they share tips and experiences from over 14 years travelling and have recently started podcasting. Their interview series looks at Australia through the eyes of other travellers.

My Travels in Australia – With Michael Hodson

Go, See, Write
Ex lawyer Michael Hodson quit the bar in December 2008 to travel around the world without getting on an airplane. He asks his interviewees 13 lucky, and often fun, questions.

Interview with Kirsty and Poi of NoPlaceToBe: Lucky 13 Questions

Kirsty and Poi started questioning other travellers long before they hit the road themselves and have interviewed over 50 random travellers.

Random Traveller #33

A View to a Thrill
Bond fan Renee King uses her website to inspire others to sample the world at a fraction of the price. Her interview series is called The Inspired Traveler.

The Inspired Traveler #14 – Jeremy Branham

Jeremy Branham lives in California, writing for the Sacramento Examiner as well as his own blog. He interviews both expats and travellers.

From Humble Beginnings to International Travel Entrepreneur – An Interview with Andy Hayes

Sharing Travel Experiences
Andy Hayes’s first trip abroad came quite late in life when, an early user of Google, he organised a trip to the Caribbean with his college friends. Interviews have played a regular role in Andy’s blog and he has just started to do podcast audio interviews.

Travel is ‘Happy Time’

Before You Backpack
Aaron Bradford runs Happytime Blog with wife Georgie and this site about backpacking Asia. Interviews are quickfire style with short questions and answers.

Around the World with Lillie

Teaching Traveling
Lillie Marshal is a six foot Bostonian school teacher. Her Teaching Traveling website frequently spotlights others teaching their way around the world.

Interview with Andrew: From Teacher-Travel to Go! Overseas

Go! Overseas
Andrew Dunkle is co founder of Go! Overseas, a website focusing on working, studying and volunteering abroad.

Interview with Carrie Kellenberger – Teaching English in Asia

My Several Worlds
Carrie Kellenberger combines maintaining her blog with recruiting English teachers to work in Taiwan. The common themes running through her MSW interviews are Taiwan and teaching.

MSW Interviews Jessie Voigts of Wandering Educators

Wandering Educators
Together with her family, Dr Jessie Voigts publishes a unique travel resource for educators around the world.

Wandering Educators Interviews The Working Traveller

Travel and Expat Blogs With Interview Features

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