2. Inca Trail

2. Inca Trail

July 2002 – Peru

Hello. The Inca Café where we post JAB is going to shut soon so I’ll make the intro short and sweet this month. We’re still in Cusco, Peru, catching up with the backlog of work created by our email problems (which seem to be solved). We’re also tweaking the site a little and next month we hope to produce a special Latin America Supplement to JAB. Adios.

August 2002 – Peru

Hello. We’ve begun to get off our butts and go places rather than just eating and drinking our way around the pubs, restaurants and clubs of Cusco. The cosy apartment with a heater has been replaced by hostels again and Deirdre has left South American Explorers but still pops in to help out and blag lunch.

We have recently returned from the Inca trail: described, accurately in our view, in Lonely Planet as “the Inca Trial.” Perhaps the four day trail was a bit ambitious for our first ever hike. We’re hardly ancient, but we felt as old as the ruins themselves as we puffed and panted our way up and down the mountains, lagging behind the eight young, experienced hikers that made up our group. Next time we hike, it’ll be with a group of fat old people – and I’ll leave my cigarettes at home.

Machu Picchu is worth it though; It’s a fabulous place to poke around and one could spend days investigating all the nooks and crannies of the site or taking in the views.

In an hour or two we will get on a bus to the Bolivian town of Copacabana, to visit the islands on Lake Titicaca and get out of Peru before our stamp runs out on Saturday.

Apartment in Cusco, Peru

Cusco is beginning to feel a little like home whenever we come back from somewhere and we will be back again in a few weeks to do some much needed maintenance on the website before heading to La Paz. Speaking of site business, I had hoped to do a Latin America Supplement this month for JAB but it’ll have to wait now until the September issue as time has caught up with us again.

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