3 Summer Music Festivals in America Looking for Volunteers

3 Summer Music Festivals in America Looking for Volunteers

I recently spotted a tweet from Matador about 10 Summer Music Festivals in the USA and it got me wondering, how many of those festivals would give me a free ticket if I was willing to help them out?

MIA at Lollapalooza Music Festival, ChicagoThe answer is three (it was six but All Good Festival starts today which we felt was a little short notice and the deadline for volunteers had passed for Camp Bisco and MAHA). Here they are.

Louisville, Kentucky. July 23 to 25

Volunteers are required to work for at least 12 hours over three separate shifts. The 350 volunteers will be assigned various duties including offering information, distributing programmes or water, promotional work, setting up some of the nearly 10,000 folding chairs around the main stage or aiding disabled guests.

Chicago. August 6 to 8

Volunteer positions involves either providing information or viewing assistance, looking after kids or encouraging recycling. Volunteers must live in Chicago or the surrounding area, should preferably be willing to work all three days and stump up a $10 non refundable application fee.

Seattle. September 4 to 6

People of all ages, interests and abilities are welcomed to work in production, admissions, PR/marketing, programming and hospitality. The music acts this year include Bob Dylan, Mary J Blige, Hole and Weezer, but the festival is also about comedy, theatre and other arts.

Summer Festival in the USA

Photos courtesy of alaina buzas, Tammylo and John E. Lester

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