33 More Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts

33 More Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts

This is the third article in an unplanned series on guest posting to other travel websites and blogs.

After the initial 12 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts we received a number of comments from editors behind some well respected blogs that they too would welcome contributions from guest writers.

Rash promises were made and I decided that a follow up article, revealing another 10 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts at GoBackpacking, should add to my own small portfolio of guest writing.

I think we have got enough mileage out of this idea now and so present this final list of travel blogs that we know are looking for, or would welcome, guest posts. Some of these sites we wanted to include before, knowing that they would want guest writers, but weren’t able to find two past examples.

All 55 websites mentioned in these three articles either advertise that they want guest posts or have accepted them in the past but, even where the subject isn’t mentioned, any blog can be politely approached with ideas for a guest post. Most editors will welcome good ideas from established writers or talented noobs.

Any blogs that I have missed are welcome to add their details below in the comments.

Caz and Craig have been making a big push recently to attract guest posts to yTravelBlog. We have seen them using Twitter to attract writers and their thoughtful guest travel blogging page, along with setting out what they want and offer, includes guest writing tips.

Past guest posts:
A Window to the World: The Importance of Travel Blogging

Seeing a Different Side of South Africa

A new website that is inviting adventure travellers to get in touch with their stories about the places AvidTrips travels. Bylines, for the most part, are placed at the top of the page and have to compete with AvidTrips’ own links but this is compensated for with real, rare, hard currency.

Past guest posts:
At the Ends of the Earth in Ushuaia

Warming up to Iceland

Travel Dudes
Post valuable tips, ideas and advice based on your first hand experience, whether it’s about a country, city, accommodation, museum, food, shopping, nightlife, etc, and the Travel Dudes will promote each tip to around 40,000 travellers via Twitter and Facebook. Material that has been used elsewhere is accepted too.

Past guest posts:
Bird Watching Tips for Southern Costa Rica

Getting Around Germany – The Good, Bad and the Ugly Way

Velvet Escape
A veteran on the guest posting scene, having written over two dozen articles for other websites, Keith Jenkins welcomes guest writers on his own site, especially for the Places that Inspire series.

Past guest posts:
Art on the Corner at Grand Junction

Places that Inspire: Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

Enduring Wanderlust
An online travel magazine and blog that delves into the most compelling aspects of travel.

Past guest posts:
5 Arts Festivals That You Can’t Miss

Restaurants of Florence

Suzy Guese
Suzy’s writing is tempered with the passion or sarcasm of a redhead but she will accept guest posts from blondes and brunettes.

Past guest posts:
Hitting the Breaks: Is it Time to Downshift Your Travels?

How to Travel Like a Temperamental Ginger

A Dangerous Business
Editor Amanda Williams’s tweets reveal she is in guest posting mode herself at the moment. She says that she is always on the lookout for guest bloggers for her own blog and seems to run one once a week. Links to your home page are provided top and bottom and on a contributors page.

Past guest posts:
Driving Through the Bolivian Desert

Balancing Freedom and Stability

501 Places
501 Places was created to share the many years of experiences that Andy Jarosz has enjoyed travelling to over 70 countries. A small number of guest posts can be found on the site.

Past guest posts:
A Labour of Love: Restoring a Rural House in Asturias, Northern Spain

Why I Love Leeds

The Wanderlust Times
Ross Corbett recently set off to travel around every country in Europe. He created The Wanderlust Times for passionate, independent minded budget travellers. A contributors page lists the subjects on which Ross would be happy to receive guest posts.

Past guest posts:
One Month in a Kung Fu Academy in China

“No Visa, No Enter!” Crossing Borders on the Trans Mongolian Railway

Wild About Travel
Simon flew away from 18 years in investment banking and public relations to indulge his passion for travel. The Beyond Borders series is the main place for guest posts. The guest writer’s bio is prominent at the bottom of the post and includes a link to your Twitter handle.

Past guest posts:
A Mouse Click Away

Please, Eat with your Hands

Heather on her Travels
Heather helpfully devotes a page to detailing her requirements for guest posts. She welcomes personal experiences, preferably in the world’s more unusual locations. The link to the website of the guest author, despite being placed after the article, is perhaps a little less prominent than on other blogs.

Past guest posts:
Things to do in Bahia, Brazil

Seagull and Salt Spray in Essaouira, Morrocco

Dave and Deb share every detail of their adventures around the web, even the embarrassing ones. That they accept guest writing wasn’t obvious until we found, quite by chance, the Giving Back series. Here they state they ‘would love to feature a traveller monthly that is making a difference out there.

Past guest posts:
Nicaragua – A First Time Volunteer Experience

ARCAS, Guatemala – A One in an Only

My Beautiful Adventures
Though there doesn’t seem to be any request for them on her site, there is a fair number of guest posts on Andi Perullo’s blog.

Past guest posts:
My Favorite Photo (China)

My Greatest Travel Goal – Machu Picchu

Migration Mark lives an unplanned life of spontaneous migrations around the planet. The small number of guest posts found on the site are usually food related.

Past guest posts:
5 Great Meals from 5 Continents

Hot Dogs and Japan Collide with Japadog!

Sharing Travel Experiences
Anyone going through a load of travel blogs researching an article about guest blogging will be aware of Andy Hayes whose writing features on a considerable number of other sites. He says he welcomes new voices to his own travel lifestyle magazine.

Past guest posts:
Versailles Sightseeing

Ross is Lost: Thoughts on Adventure Travel

Backpacking Addictz
Clear and coherent writers, that are well travelled, are wanted to write about backpacking experiences around the world.

Past guest posts:
Hidden Asia: Journey into the Laos Rainforest

The Good Life in Dominical, Costa Rica

Cumi & Ciki
A food, travel and adventure blog named after two Malaysian puppet monkeys. Quality, enticing food photos is the order of the day here.

Past guest posts:
Top Eats in Amsterdam!

10 Things to do in San Francisco

Solo Friendly
Gray Cargill’s blog for solo travellers has a small number of guest posts.

Past guest posts:
The Trans Canada Highway: Canada’s Route 66

The Occasional Solo Tripper

He Thought of Trains
Jools Stone put in a request for more guesties, not necessarily about train travel, in the comments of our last guest post article. His blog is about rail and green, slow travel but says that he occasionally diverts to other topics.

Past guest posts:
5 Great Reasons to Travel Overland

Take the Great Indian Railway Challenge

Women on the Road
Advice and resources for women who love to travel alone. The site carries plenty of volunteering and working abroad content too. Travel tips and stories of varying lengths are accepted, often submitted by travellers without their own websites to promote.

Past guest posts
Hands on in Bangladesh

Motorcycle Mama Goes Solo

Pink Pangea
A place where women can read real travel information by other women. Though the website of the guest author is given it is not a clickable link. WTF.

Past guest posts:
Picking up Women in Egypt

In Defense of Turkish Men

Laura has a note on her website that she is looking for guest authors to share their travel knowledge and help expand the website. She will link back to your blog as well as to your Twitter/Facebook account.

10 Reasons Why Travel is Good for Your Health

10 Weirdest Bridges in the World

Monkey Brewster
Cornelius has had only one guest post on his entertaining and informative site so far, and modestly says that while his  site doesn’t have the ranking and pull of some others he is willing and open for submissions to be flung his way too.

Past guest posts:
5 Ways to Save Money on Your Tour

Candice Does the World
New bloggers who want more exposure can help Candice free up some time to chase boys and eat nachos. A search for guest posts reveals only one contribution, and that’s by a fellow redhead. A quick tweet to Candice revealed that being a ginger isn’t compulsory.

Past guest posts:
My First Time… Traveling Alone That Is

Nomadic Chick
Jeanne, the Nomadic Chick, documents her journey from corporate lackey to full blown traveller. A search through her site reveals only one guest post so far.

Past guest posts:
Is the Nomadic Lifestyle Really Available to Everyone

Tales of a Brit Abroad
Kate Turner has recently returned to the UK from Spain and is welcoming British expats to write a post about their experiences living abroad.

Past guest posts:
A Brit Abroad in Wild Wellington, New Zealand

The GoGirls were recently seen tweeting for guest posts of 300 to 800 words. Guest bloggers are highlighted on the front page of ZipSetGo for around two weeks.

Past guest posts:
ZipSetGo Meets Meet, Plan, Go

Wandering Educators
Well written guest posts are welcome at this travel library that likes to showcase different ways to travel and places to visit.

South East Asia Backpacker
An actual real magazine for backpackers venturing around Southeast Asia that can be picked up for free at over 500 locations around the region or read online. A flick through the magazine reveals that writers can get a mention of their website and Twitter name along with the pleasure of seeing your byline in a publication that you can pick up and touch.

Before You Backpack
A new site, by the HappyTimeBlog People, that looks to be coming along nicely. They have a ‘Write for us’ link prominently displayed on the top navigation and they state that they will pay $5 for guest house and hostel reviews. Currently articles on travel photography, budget or route planning and border crossings are most wanted.

Kumuka Blog
Though their Twitter feed doesn’t make the most interesting reading at the moment, 28 tweets in a row requesting guest submissions leave minimal room for misunderstanding what they currently desire.

The Innocent Abroad
Melissa Stanford provides a contributors page for writers able to write 800 to 2500 word articles on living, moving to, and travelling in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Aussie Travel Advice
An independent travel site for Australians going overseas. Travel stories or tips under 600 words are welcomed.

Lastly, despite having written two articles on the subject, now would perhaps be a good time to mention that we are also interested in well written pieces on living, working and travelling abroad.

Guest Writing for Travel Blogs

Photos courtesy of Lisa Clarke and Paolo Valdemarin


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    Travel tips & photos definitely most welcomed! Thanks for the listing! What a great idea & nice list!

    travel on

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    Great list of travel blogs.

    My name is Kash Bhattacharya and I run two websites about budget travel in Europe and Asia called http://www.europebudgetguide.com and http://www.asiabudgetguide.com

    Am always keen to hear from anyone passionate about budget travel and keen to write, share their experiences.

    I can be reached on Twitter: twitter.com/budgettraveller or my contact page: http://www.europebudgetguide.com/europebudget/2010/03/europe-budget-guide-contact-us.html

  3. Cornelius Aesop

    Thanks for putting me up on the list. I need to go off and contact some of these other great bloggers, because I’m looking for guest posts and looking to write a few myself.

    1. I was going to include you on our list of great sites edited by monkeys that would welcome guest writers but couldn’t find more than two. I had to lump you in with all these humans. Sorry about that.

  4. Laura

    Thanks for adding my blog to the list. I am also happy to feature photographers on my blog. All you have to do is add your photo to Travelocafe’s Flickr group. Only the best photos will be included in the “photo of the day” post. Thanks again and have a great week 🙂

  5. Caz Makepeace

    Wow! This is a great list. Thanks for including us on it. I’m checking out some of the others to write some guest posts for as well. Brilliant resource

  6. Jools Stone

    Thank you very much for including me guys. Not only is this a great community-spirited idea, but you’ve also done a grand job with how it’s presented and formatted with nice, easy on the eyes consistency. The blog titles and examples of prev guest posts in red really stands out & looks great. An honour to be among such a finely curated list too. Muchos propos to you! (as the Spanish speaking world prob does not say) Cheers, Jools 🙂

  7. Migrationology

    Very cool resource and thanks for including my site! I will check out some of these sites for future guest posts.

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    This is a wonderful list! I’d like to contribute in any of these blogs. I have to go through them one by one though. 🙂 You can check my works at my blog site, http://firsttimetravel.wordpress.com, to see if I fit in your category for guest posts. Thanks!

  9. Hi, this is a nice list of travel blogs !
    I am Michela, a.k.a @rockytravel on Twitter. I run an australia travel guide to help other travellers make the most of their trip in OZ. Guest Posts with your travel experience in Down Under are welcome from solo travellers and independent travellers. Help spread the aussielove! 🙂

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    I am always open to guest posts! Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

  11. Michael

    Great List of awesome travel blogs. I’ve been snooping around a few of them. I have started a community travel blog so I encourage anyone interested to check it out. We have some pretty good writers in the community but are always looking for more. My twitter is @gearupandplay Hope to see you around

  12. Tina

    Excellent list of travel blogs, I will be checking them out. I love travelling especially Australia, but all the other countries look amazing also.

    1. Rachel McCombie

      PS – feel free to contact me via Twitter – @rachelswritings – thanks 🙂

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    Thanks for including me! I’m always looking to highlight new writers, so please contact me if you would like to guest post or just chat!

    Cheers. 🙂

  14. Brook Mitchell

    Thanks for the mention. Our site is growing quickly and is a great way to get your work out there.

    Brook (aussietraveladvice.com)

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    Nice and a very useful articlefor travellers like me who are intersted in doing a guest post!

    My Yatra Diary…

  16. Seanchk

    Inboundlounge.com would love to have guest writers, we are a travel blog devoted to Asia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East with emphasis on luxury travel but really anything travel related in those areas is fine.

    Feel free to contact editor@inboundmag.com for details.



    1. Hi Natalie,

      I’m thinking of writing one for you myself once I’ve caught up with some of the outstanding work that needs doing on this site and JAB.

  17. Great post as always! Ausome Vacations, a travel blog aimed at Aussie travellers, also accepts guest bloggers. Please get in touch via our Contacts page. Happy travels!

  18. Thanks for putting together such an excellent resource! I’ll check them all out since I’m always on the lookout for guest posting opportunities.

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    This is one of Amazing list! I liked it. I’d like to contribute in any of these blogs. I have to go through them one by one though. 🙂 You can check my works at my blog site http://farebuzz.wordpress.com, to see if It suitable in your category for guest posts. Thanks!

    Waiting for your reply..

    Have a nice day.

    1. Thanks Roy. I started looking for places to pitch my own GPs and thought the research was worth sharing.

  20. Mike

    itravel also has a great travel blog…even though its commercial, I’ve defnitely found some useful posts there!

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    I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I definitely enjoy reading everything that is written on your website.Keep the information coming. I enjoyed it!

  22. Larry

    TrekWorld is a travel and trekking magazine devoted to adventure, advice and inspiration.

    We are seeking guest posts and contributors. More information and sample post ideas here:


  23. Flora

    Hi there!

    How are you doing today?!!

    I am Flora and like you writing is my passion. It soothes me, somehow! Your blog “the-working-traveller.com” is probably one of the most interesting ones I’ve seen recently. Like minds I guess! I was also wondering if I could do a guest post for your blog.
    In return, all I need is just one Do- Follow link within the article or to my author bio.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    1. Shane

      I don’t want to be too mean to you here – I know you are just doing a job for someone that doesn’t want to pay for advertising – but this post was originally written for writers/bloggers that wanted to write real guest posts, not the bullshit variety like you that send the same spammy canned email to everyone.

  24. Sarah W

    Hi there,

    Great list 🙂 Thank you. This site also accepts GPs – as well as being able to link back to your own blog there are also lots of incentives to help you save money on accommodation (if you want to!) Of course, that is not a requirement at all – just great GPs on something travel related that you feel passionate about / want to share. http://borntobunk.com/blog/ Many thanks, Sarah.

    1. Shane

      Thanks Sarah. This list is four years old now and getting a bit out of date so new blood is very welcome.

  25. Sarah W

    Sounds like a new list is due! 😉 Hehehe. 😀

    1. Shane

      Sorry Brian, I’m happy to keep you here in the comments but we are not adding any new sites – for a start we would have to change the title of this post each time we did.

      1. Brian Jones

        Thank you for the response Shane. If you ever need to update the list due to any of the URLs no longer being valid please feel free to replace with our site

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    A fantastic list, thank you very much. I also accept guest posts on my blog which is specifically aimed at united kingdom

  27. Youness Bermime

    Hey there! This is an amazing list. I hope you are still updating it. Here a few more website that accept guest blogging that you may want to add:
    Blog: https://Southeastasiaguide.co
    guidelines: https://southeastasiaguide.co/write-for-us/
    Blog: https://TheMediterraneanGuide.com
    guidelines: https://themediterraneanguide.com/write-for-us/
    Blog: https://theitalianguide.net/
    guidelines: https://www.theitalianguide.net/write-for-us/
    Blog: https://ultimatespaintravelguide.com/
    guidelines: https://ultimatespaintravelguide.com/write-for-us/

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    Miguel, who runs an adventure travel blog, mentioned his blog (www.travelsauro.com) is accepting guest posts.

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    Thank you for sharing such valuable information.

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    Hi there!

    I realise this list is old now, but I’d love to get a mention on it. I run https://lovefamilyholidays.co.uk and I’m always on the lookout for guest posts from parents, grandparents and other people who go on days out and holidays with kids. The posts would appear on our family travel blog at https://lovefamilyholidays.co.uk/category/lfh-family-travel-blog/

    If this sounds interesting to anyone, please get in touch using the form at https://lovefamilyholidays.co.uk/contact-us/ (or just FB message/Tweet me)

    Would love to be added to your official list!

    Sally recently posted…The Park Royal QHotel in WarringtonMy Profile

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    This is good list but i doubt if they are still accepting guest blogs, i tried some of them but no hope.

    1. Shane

      This post is 8 years old now and the guest posting landscape is much changed since 2010.

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    Wonderful blog. I was looking for this kind of list. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.

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