Bad Working Abroad Experiences

3onFriday: 3 Bad Working Abroad Experiences

Travel blogs and websites tend to make travelling out as an always great experience, emphasising the wonders of the world and neglecting the negative. We are no less guilty in our working abroad niche so here are some horror stories for Friday the 13th.

Working in a Hostel
From the hostel shuttle bus getting hijacked by random drunks to drugs, nudity, and Australians, the human factor inherent in hostel jobs means this is an adventure always primed to go wrong. Other mishaps detailed in this reddit thread of hostel horrors include a drunk Dane dislocating his shoulder after slipping on a stray ping-pong ball, grappling with suicidal knife wielders, an otherwise quiet and reserved Korean girl getting fisted in the middle of a bar, homeless people smearing shit over the bathroom walls and French guests pissing out the window. And who cleans up the mess afterwards? That’s right. You.

House Sitting
A flea infestation turned one of Jeannie Mark’s house sits into a two week nightmare but the consequences for Jessica Dawdy after her disastrous time in Spain lingered for months when assault charges were filed against her boyfriend Brent. Thinking at first the home they were looking after had been burgled, neighbours had instead forced their way into the property and, under bizarre Spanish laws, claimed the place as their own. To find out more read the full story of what happened during their house sit in Spain.

Teaching English
You have to go far to find bad teaching abroad experiences. All the way to China will do the trick, where negative stories of
scams, identity theft, dodgy agents and contracts not worth the paper they are written on are common themes on teaching in China forums. One such worthless contract was signed by Frank Macri, who within 48 hours of arriving at his new school found himself living in unsafe accommodation and working double the hours in work he was not qualified to do.

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