Jobs Abroad for Cyclists

Jobs Abroad for Cyclists

If you are comfortable on a bicycle saddle, try applying to the three companies we have selected below, whose tours range from gentle meanders sampling the wares in Californian or French wine regions to climbing thousands of feet in the Himalayas or the volcano pitted landscape of Chile.

Naturally, a high standard of physical fitness is required to be a cycle tour leader but applicants should also have a first aid certificate and, usually for European trips, a foreign language. Good computer skills and a clean driving license may also be required.

KE Adventure Travel

KE is always on the lookout for top quality people to work with their groups as biking tour leaders, who they employ on a freelance basis. Their tours include following the Tour de France route, cycling the Lycian Way in Turkey, and a Lhasa to Kathmandu mountain bike ride in Tibet.

They look for people that are keen, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, personable, sympathetic, decisive, diplomatic, well organised, sensitive to the needs of others, good at trouble shooting, and interested to provide the best travel experience possible for their clients. Ideally, you should be over the age of 21, with an outgoing personality and a positive approach to life. They also offer roles as trekking or climbing leaders.

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To spend an enjoyable and rewarding summer working for Bspoke in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Croatia applicants should speak reasonable German, French or Italian and have a clean driving licence. They pay around £700 per month, plus accommodation, a food allowance and travel costs to and from Europe.

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Trek Travel

Trek Travel describe their guide as magicians, both able to appear exactly when needed with a beverage and explain the intricate histories of hilltop villages. They should be seasoned travellers able to master trip logistics, manage trip finances, connect with the group and offer exceptional customer service. Their website has an excellent set of recruitment pages, and they provide ten days’ training each February.

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