3 More Blogs and Websites by House Sitters

3 More Blogs and Websites by House Sitters

This house sitting malarkey seems to be catching on. Following on from the seven house sitters we featured back in May, we have found another three bloggers who like to extol the virtues of house sitting.

Sipping a mojito on a tropical veranda with a rent-a-cat trying to snuggle up onto the keyboard of their laptops, these travellers are in the know about what It takes to write a kickass profile, enjoy rent free accommodation and leave both Fido and the ficus plants alive and well when they move on to their next house sitting gig.

Laura and Tanbay

An Anglo-German couple, Laura and Tanbay use house sitting to travel both luxuriously and cheaply. Their first house sits were in Australia, where they saved a fortune on accommodation during their nine months in the country, and have since looked after properties in a number of countries including the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Greece and Portugal. They have put together a guide for first time house sitters and have appeared in the Daily Mail and on TV.

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Donna and Simon

Add their young daughter Araya and you have the housesitting family who, since giving up the rat race in 2013, have looked after more than a dozen homes in several countries including Laos. Houe sitting has become such an integral part of their lives that Araya spent her first birthday in a French chateaux and took her first steps in Spain. Along with interviews with house sitters, Donna and Simon also look at the subject from the angle of the home owners who entrust their pets and properties to strangers.

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Charli and Ben

When we saw their tweet that they had been living rent free in the Caribbean for the last ten months and had three more house sitting assignments booked we decided to investigate Charli and Ben’s site, where found numerous great posts, including reasons to house sit at Christmas and creating a successful house sitting application. Though they say they no longer crave an apartment in the city since they left the UK in 2010, they do enjoy stepping into the shoes of foreign home owners to try out life in their corner of the world.

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If these sites have convinced you to give house sitting a go, take a look at TrustedHousesitters, one of the most popular sites for finding house and pet sits.

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