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3onFriday: 3 Parliamentary Internships in the UK and Abroad

In celebration of Guy Fawkes – said to be the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions – who 410 years ago yesterday was caught guarding an unnecessarily large amount of gunpowder beneath the House of Lords, we present three internship opportunities in London, Paris and wherever the European Parliament is at.

The Speaker’s Parliamentary Placement Scheme
Applications for this scheme aimed at those interested in politics but who would not be able to afford to work without a wage have closed for this year. But another ten paid interns are expected to be selected in 2016 for nine months’ work in the office of a Westminster MP. Interns are paid the London living wage of £9.15 per hour for assisting an MP with duties including filing, research and attending meetings.

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Traineeships in the European Parliament
Probably the current favourite for a gunpowder plot among a section of the British public, the directly elected bit of the EU has a number of traineeships for university graduates, interpretors and translators. Though not as generous as those claimed by sulky nationalists an allowance of around €300 is paid each month to trainees.

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French Assemblée Nationale
A small number of six to eight week internships are available to UK university or postgraduate students with a politician at the Assemblée Nationale in Paris. Applicants should have an interest in politics and a good knowledge of French. The next round of applications opens in December. French nationals can go the other way to Westminster.

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