3onFriday: 3 Quick Ways to Get a Link to Your Site

3onFriday: 3 Quick Ways to Get a Link to Your Site

Link building is an essential part of growing an online business but with Google frowning on excessive link quid pro quos and guest posting somewhat thrown into disrepute by sponsored posts and link buying, it is ever harder to get those vital links that the Big G considers an endorsement of your very online existence. Fortunately, by answering a few questions, sending us a crap photograph or even just forwarding a screenshot of your smart phone, we’ll be willing to send you some link love.


We do a number of different interview features on The Working Traveller, looking at long term travel working and living abroad. Interviews are typically conducted by email. Our interview features include:

We ask those working abroad about their job, how they found it, do it, and to pass on a few tips to those that want to do the same. So far we have interviewed a superyacht stewardess, a European tour leader, and social media marketing experts, and we intend to greatly expand this feature in the future to cover more ways our readers can work abroad.

Why I Live in…
Whether it is long or short term we look at the life of expats, what they like and love about their adopted homes, and what they loathe.

Are you about to head off on your own trip around the world? It’s an exciting time and, if you can spare a few moments, we would like to share in the anticipation of what you can expect in the coming months, or even years, roaming the world. There’s also an option for those already on the road to tell us how the realities of long term travel match up to the expectations.

My Bad Travel Photo

Taken a shocker? Yeah, so have we. From a big blurry bug in Malaysia to a bird’s bum in Brazil, we have taken photographs that make our readers wish we had dropped and broken more than just the two cameras we already have. However there are only so many digital travesties we can manage on our own so we invite your submissions of the awful photos taken on your travels so we can all laugh and point learn from your mistakes too.

iPhone Home

The above ideas sound like soooo much hard work and you can’t really be arsed with the whole words and pictures effort thing but still want a link? Good news, you can just take a screen shot of your smart phone and send it to us with your blog address. We’ll even track down a couple of your social media accounts and link to them too.

For more information on contributing to any of the above features please visit the guest writing page on our PAYAway website.

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Quick Ways to Get a Link to Your Blog

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