3onFriday: 3 Websites for Finding a Teaching Job in Japan

3onFriday: 3 Websites for Finding a Teaching Job in Japan

There’s more to working in Japan than just teaching English though, to be honest, not that much more if you don’t speak Japanese. Our initial short list for today’s Friday three did include a couple of sites good for other ways to work in Japan but we’ll follow these up another day and instead focus today on good sites for finding teaching jobs in Japan.

When we first encountered Gaijinpot well over a decade ago it was an interesting free newsletter with perhaps half a dozen vacancies across Japan advertised in each issue. My, how they’ve grown. Since its founding by skint foreigners unable to find much in the way of information for working in Japan, Gaijinpot has bought up by the Fuji Media group and become part of the English language media establishment in Japan. 300,000 people monthly use the site for information on living in Japan, to find jobs or arrange a place to live.

Find out more at https://jobs.gaijinpot.com

The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme
Finally sporting a coherent website, this is Japan’s official programme for hiring English language classroom assistants, and a great way for foreigners to find work in the country. Most of the thousand participants who take part in the scheme each year end up in a classroom in one of Japan’s public schools, but work assisting local government offices in international exchange activities is possible for those with functional Japanese. A handful of sports professionals are also taken on.

Find out more at http://jetprogramme.org/en/

O-Hayo Sensei
I like the simple newsletter format of this twice monthly publication. O-Hayo Sensei has been serving its English teaching readership in this way for 24 years. To get a free copy of the latest issue containing 80+ vacancies, all you need to do is email ‘get issue’ to their email address and a copy will appear in the your inbox within hours. Alternatively, just click ‘pick up the current edition‘.

Find out more at www.ohayosensei.com

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