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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Montreal

by Alexandre Duval

According to Statistics Canada’s 2006 figures, about 15% of non-permanent resident workers in Canada had settled down in Montreal that year. Although this percentage is less than half that of Toronto – Canada’s largest city –, Montreal remains Canada’s second most coveted destination. The reasons that explain the popularity of the world’s second largest French speaking city among foreign temporary workers are numerous. Below are four such reasons that you ought to consider.

1. Opportunities in the food industry

In 2011, more than 30,000 temporary foreign workers were busy doing some kind of job in Montreal. If there is something that invariably drags so many people in, it must be the city’s dynamism: opportunities to find work actually exist. As we know it, many young travellers who wish to work in a foreign country while discovering it actually end up working in the food industry. The good news is that downtown restaurants in Montreal are on every street corner: the city is home to close to 6,000 restaurants, bars, breweries, etc. Sending out a few resumes does not guarantee that you will get a job… but it is likely that you will be called for a bunch of interviews, at least.

2. Uncountable hotel rooms

The supply of good restaurants in Montreal is only one component of the city’s dynamic tourism scene which attracted close to 8 million visitors in 2011 alone. For instance, Montreal ranks 13th in North America in terms of total hotel rooms across the city with more than 15,000 units. Since many young travellers also end up working in the hotel business, this fact is an omen of good luck: job postings in this field will probably be plentiful – especially in the summer – and will thereby give you the chance to apply for various positions at many different downtown Montreal hotels.

3. The chance to work on a foreign language

If job opportunities in the food or hotel industries are likely to be abundant, they nonetheless will come with one condition in most instances: being able to communicate in French. Since Montreal is the metropolis of a French speaking Canadian province, close to three-quarters of Montrealers work in French. Yet, Montreal is home to a rather large, historic English community, and some employers will hire people who do not speak French. Still, making the effort to learn French will open much more doors to any foreigner who wishes to fully blend in Montreal’s daily life. Coming to Montreal will thus give you the opportunity to learn a new language or work on it if you already know some. Going back home after a full year spent elsewhere and mastering a new language sounds good, doesn’t it?

4. Inexorable fun

Beyond the cultural adventure that the city will provide young travellers by having them getting involved in a mostly French speaking environment, there is another incredibly great thing about working and travelling in Montreal – namely, entertainment. In effect, Montreal is a city where parties, cultural venues, bars, exhibitions and the likes simply proliferate. What’s more, there is one festival (and sometimes more) on almost every week of the city’s event listing calendar: no wonder that Montreal is often dubbed “the city of festivals”! It is impossible get bored in Montreal: the opportunities to have fun are just too numerous, no matter in which season(s) you are planning on making it there. Working and travelling in such a lively environment will inevitably produce long-lasting memories.

About the author:
Alexandre Duval is a freelance blogger who writes about tourism in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

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