4 Volunteer Work Exchanges With Huskies

4 Volunteer Work Exchanges With Huskies

With Christmas on the way thoughts often turn to going somewhere hot for the winter but why not embrace the bad weather and go somewhere that does the holiday season properly? Here are four projects to enjoy snow as it should be enjoyed and where, of course, dog lovers need only apply.

Come to Norway and help us out with our dogs

You want dogs? This Norwegian family of four has plenty of dogs, over 70 of them in need of volunteer care. Trine is a dog musher who could use a bit of help with guests to the dog yards in the spring, while autumn tasks include feeding and maintenance. Accommodation and meals are with the family in a three bedroom cabin and working hours might be more than the stated five hours a day but past volunteers didn’t seem to mind putting on their skis and taking the puppies out for a run on their day off.

Help at a husky ranch/ sheep farm in beautiful, historic Fort St. James, BC

The requirements for this host might change by the time you read this but at the time of writing they are looking for someone that loves dogs and travelling to help with their farm and do a few trips to their off the grid cabin in the Yukon. They also want a cabin and dog sitter for Christmas. Running and cuddling the dogs is part of the job, says a past volunteer.

Work with Siberian huskies (as well as three goats, a sheep, and a llama) in Northern British Columbia

Regular volunteers are need to help this Canadian couple with their 22 happy huskies, three fainting goats, a llama, and a sheep. Volunteers should be comfortable being in the wilderness and away from town and be willing and able to clean pee and poop.

Volunteer with Husky tours in Lapland, Norway

Living within a landscape of mountain cabins, scattered Sami settlements and a wilderness inhabited by reindeer, moose, bear, arctic fox, eagle, lynx, wolverine, is part of the job description here. Volunteers are required for at least a month, but preferably three or more. Being part of the husky team is physical and demanding so above average fitness is required, along with a driving licence.

Another place to get involved with huskies is Husky House, in New Jersey, US. If you are prepared to pay to volunteer, work with an Artic husky ranch in Canada can be arranged through Fronteering, while Hetta Huskies in Artic Finland run the Husky Guide School.


Image courtesy Jeffrey Beall.

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  1. Hello! I am a PhD exchange student of UTU in Finland during April-May. I am happy, cheerful, outgoing woman who gets along with dogs very well. I like dogs and animals, and I really like to train dogs. Hopefully I will have a wonderful experience in Lapland.

  2. Valentin

    Hey! I finish school next year and would love to be part of your “husky family” after I graduate. I really love spending times with animals and already went on a husky farm 3 years ago as a tourist and I just loved them. Would be great hearing from you!
    Have a good day

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