5 Amazing Language Courses for Your Gap Year

5 Amazing Language Courses for Your Gap Year

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Taking a gap year and looking to do something productive? If this is the case, taking a language course is a great way of having fun, experiencing something new and learning too. In this guide you’ll find 5 language suggestions, including courses in Japan, India, France, Mexico and Spain.

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture

Learn a language and immerse yourself in Japanese culture by taking courses in Tokyo, a vibrant city with over 30 million people. Once you get out of class you can explore Tokyo with your new friends and discover all that it has to offer.

The city will give you an amazing experience of the very new and very old; you can try out your new language skills to suss it all out. You’ll also get the opportunity to visit historic places like the Imperial Palace and experience traditional Japanese culture first hand in districts like Asakusa.

Fun in France

France is just one of the European countries offering gap year foreign language programs. You could head for the crystal clear waters on the Cote D’Azur in Nice, or head for the capital of French gastronomy in Lyon.

Then there’s Paris! One of Europe’s most exciting cities, with its vibrant atmosphere and attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. After your lessons you could practise your new skills by going for coffee and lunch at one of the city’s many cafes, or shopping on the Champs Elysees.

Learn a language in Spain

The Spanish love to talk, so what better place to go to learn a language? Head for the bustling city of Barcelona, learn the language and then practise it with friends while you stroll along Las Ramblas.

You could also live and study in sunny Southern destinations like Sevilla and Malaga, cosmopolitan cities like Salamanca, or the nation’s capital city of Madrid. Wherever you go, it’s your chance to develop Spanish skills and use them to have an amazing experience.

Head east to India

Another interesting destination you might like to visit during your gap year is India. Not only will you learn a new language, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the Indian way of life and get a real insight into how locals go about their day.

New Delhi is the place to go if you like the sound of India. It’s the capital city and has a buzzing atmosphere. In spite of the modernisation, Delhi still retains all of its authentic charm. Of course, if you’re travelling all that way, you have to also go to the Taj Mahal. No trip to India would be complete without doing so and you’ll have plenty of time to go outside of your lessons.

Study in India on your gap year

Work hard, rest hard in Mexico

If it’s sunshine you’re after, Mexico is a good choice. You could head for Guanajuato to get a taste of traditional Mexican life, where you’ll also be able to visit the mountains of El Bajio; a World Heritage Site.

Learn a language in Playa Del Carmen and you’ll be able to chat to local fishermen in this quaint seaside village. There’s over 100km of beach here, with plenty of bars and restaurants, the ideal location to try out your new language with new friends.

You can set up your gap year language course with quality schools like ESL. You can have a read of the ESL- Language Travel QYPE profile to get more information about the types of courses on offer.

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