Cheap Places to Volunteer in Ecuador

Cheap Places to Volunteer in Ecuador

The 1970s TV adaptation of Day of the Triffids imagined that the enormous carnivorous mobile vegetation come from Ecuador. It’s the sort of remote jungle location, complete with smoking volcanoes, where script writers feel they can plausibly find lost cities, long extinct dinosaurs and walking foliage.

More realistically though it’s the sort of place that adventurous working travellers can find some inexpensive volunteer work.

Teach English, Volunteer

Aiming to attract English teachers to primary schools in the Andean province of Chimborazo, this officially endorsed programme costs nothing to join. Food and accommodation is provided by a local family. Volunteers should have basic Spanish and be able to stay for six months between September and June. Teaching experience, or working with children, and a TEFL diploma are desirable.

Hosteria PapaGayo

A bed and food are offered in exchange for participation in three different volunteer roles. These are helping out at the hostel itself, teaching in local schools, or working at a nearby dairy farm.

Sacred Suenos

With the aim of regenerating a small piece of mountainside into a self sufficient farm community, volunteers participate in all aspects of the community. Volunteers are asked to stay for a minimum of three months and contribute a small amount towards the food kitty.

Colibris Women’s Artisan Cooperative

The Colibris are a group of women living in the cloud forest region of northwestern Ecuador. Projects where your participation will be appreciated include helping to improve the English of the women and their children, organic gardening and developing new designs for art and craft products. Volunteers pay a small fee to cover the cost of their food and homestay.

Sky Ecuador

Sky is a privately funded foundation involved in a bilingual (Kitchwa and Spanish) speaking school, and a library where young people can read, learn computer skills, and participate in arts projects. Varied volunteer roles are available from computer maintenance and construction to teaching English. A place to sleep is available at a nearby hostel. There is no charge to volunteer but a $10 per week donation is requested to cover expenses.


Photos courtesy of Renata Avila and Rinaldo W

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  1. Suzy

    I had no idea there were so many volunteer options in Ecuador that you don’t have to pay for. That gets me every time when choosing to volunteer. They are often very expensive.

    1. The Working Traveller

      Hi Suzy,

      There are some good reasons why people decide to pay to volunteer but Latin America in particular has many good NGOs looking for a helping hand without asking for a major financial commitment.

  2. We are a non-profit arts, language and literacy foundation registered under the Ministry of Culture in Ecuador. We run a free interactive library for children (La Biblioteca Interactiva de Banos located in Banos, Tungurahua Ecuador. We do not charge for volunteering.
    Check out our webpage & blog, fill out volunteer form if interested.

    1. The Working Traveller

      Thanks for letting us know about your organisation. You would be more than welcome to place a free advertisement with our sister site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, as I’m sure our readers there would be interested in learning more about what you do.

  3. Gaye Amentler

    Volunteer in the most Biodiverse country in the world, Ecuador. Learn Spanish while you explore the amiable South American culture and learn through immersion in any of the four major ecosystems of Ecuador: the Amazon Rainforest, Andes Mountains, Pacific Coast and the number one natural wonder of the world, the Galapagos Islands. With all of these options it may be hard to believe Ecuador is still one of the most affordable places to visit in the world.

    See our website Our programs are all inclusive and offer our particpants lodging, three meals a day, cell phones, traveler’s insurance, guide services, and transportation. All of our offerings promote conservation and give back to the local communities that you visit creating your travels a sustainable experience.

    1. Hi Gaye,

      Is it free or inexpensive to volunteer with your organisation? You don’t say in the advert you placed above.

      As you are clearly interested in free advertising (who isn’t, eh?) I will point you in the direction of our sister site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

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