5 Ways to Spend Your Gap Year Learning Languages

5 Ways to Spend Your Gap Year Learning Languages

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It’s a well-known fact that the best way to learn a language is to totally immerse yourself in a different culture. By travelling to the country where your chosen language is spoken frequently, you’ll give yourself the best chance of becoming fluent quickly – and what better time to do this than on a gap year? Take a year off from school or work to travel abroad and you’ll soon find your language skills improve.

Websites such as www.esl-languages.com have plenty of ideas for an informative trip abroad. Here are some options for gap year travellers looking to learn a new language.

Study French in Paris

When thinking of the French language, few images come as readily to mind than those of Paris, the ‘City of Light’. Home to monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the magnificent Louvre museum, Paris has plenty to offer anyone visiting the city.

However, to students of French, Paris is more than a playground of tourist attractions. There are plenty of chic boutiques, colourful cafes and beautiful gardens to explore while you study. With so much on offer, it’s hard to think of a better place to immerse yourself in the French language for your gap year.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

The stylish city of Barcelona has plenty to offer in the way of culture, tourist attractions, cuisine and music. Better yet, Spanish is one of the world’s most popular languages with plenty of demand for it in the world of business.

The perfect place for art enthusiasts, Barcelona has some beautiful buildings, events and exhibitions to enjoy. Best of all, for long-term inhabitants, several stunning beaches are within easy access – perfect for a breather from your studies.

Discover German in Berlin

Berlin is a truly cosmopolitan city and the ideal place to learn German in Germany on your gap year. Combine daily German classes with free time in one of Europe’s most exciting cities, exploring some amazing historic architecture along with stunning high-tech modern buildings.

A city with a turbulent history, Berlin has plenty of striking historical landmarks and famous monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate. There’s plenty to do for gap year students with its vibrant nightlife and numerous festivals throughout the year.

Learning a language on a gap year

Study Italian in Rome

Rome is brilliant for history enthusiasts as the past is evident in many of its beautiful buildings and landmarks. Etruscan tombs, Imperial temples and Roman churches bring centuries past back to life all across the city.

Modern Rome is fascinating in itself with bustling streets, activities and markets to explore. By choosing this city for your gap year experience, you’re guaranteed a stay rich in discoveries.

Learn Russian in Moscow

Learning a language on a gap year

Every year thousands of international students come to study in Moscow. The city is renowned for a selection of museums, theatres, public libraries and concert halls. A number of wonderful art galleries are also spread throughout the area.

There’s plenty of Russian literature to take advantage of during your studies. It’s the most widely spoken of all the Slavic languages, and the fifth most prevalent in the world. It’ll be a challenge, but one that is definitely worth it.

Your gap year experience will be made all the better by learning a lasting skill which will help you for the rest of your life. These are just some of the great options on offer – find out more by searching online.

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  1. The Guy

    I have to agree, it is a very good point made. From the frying pan into the fire! If you truly immerse yourself into the local culture it is sink or swim. As you try to communicate with the locals you get used to hearing the language and communicating with the locals.

    Learning in class and by text book is one thing. Yet when you are there you always have to think on your feet.

    You’ve also named some great cities like Barcelona, Paris and Rome which sound like ideal places to learn.

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