6 American Summer Camps Still Hiring for 2015

6 American Summer Camps Still Hiring for 2015

Children across the United States are getting excited for the summer, when their parents will pack them off to the wilderness and entrust them into the care of – if you are quick enough – YOU.

Most of the recruitment for this year is already done, but some of the 12,000 summer camps dotted across America still have staffing needs to be finalised. Despite the retweets from soon to be camp counsellors and support staff announcing visas have been approved and flights confirmed, the major recruiting organisations, such as Camp America, state applications are still open.

Camp America, along with other similar placement organisations in your home country, like CCUSA, can find you a job at camp, provide orientation, arrange visas and otherwise guide applicants through the whole process in return for a fee of a few hundred pounds.

Though with the chance of being hired on the spot at a job fair long past – one of the best reasons for using a placement organisation – there is greater incentive to apply for a job independently and keep a few extra dollars for yourself. Successful applicants can still obtain sponsorship for the necessary J-1 visa via InterExchange.

The countdowns towards the opening of their camps are literally ticking down on their websites so though the following camps are still hiring you must act fast:

The boys that go to Camp Motorsport punctuate driving a half scale race car, dirt kart and racing go-kart with paint balling, fishing and swimming. They were still advertising for male camp counsellors a handful of days ago. Unfortunately the Virginia located camp does not secure work visas for international applicants so you will need already to be able to work legally in the US.

Upstate New York’s Iroquois Springs were recently tweeting their need for summer camp counsellors with a gymnastics background and a fencing background. Jobs for lifeguards, swimming teachers and tennis specialists may also be available. Elsewhere in New York, Camp Echo Lake are still hunting for counsellors, group leaders and cabin specialists.

Camp White Mountain and Camp Green Briar in the Shenandoah Mountains of West Virginia still seeks general counsellors as well as specialist staff to teach some of their activities, ranging from arts and crafts to horseback riding and waterskiing.

Pennsylvania’s Lake Bryn Mawr Camp is also still seeking general counsellors. They hire mostly female staff, though they do take on a few men as skilled specialists. General counsellors either work full time in their area of expertise or work part-time and spend the rest of the day with her cabin of ten to 12 campers.

The Girl Scouts of Northern California run several camps and still require lifeguards. The salary starts at $2,400 for 48 days’ work. Application from outside the USA should be made via either Camp America or CCUSA (see above).

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