6. Working Again

6. Working Again

May, June and July 2006 – Greece

Hello, we started working again and relaunched the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, our monthly newsletter of job vacancies around the globe. A number of events – including family illness and bereavement, homelessness, and some serious computer, server and connection problems – knocked us a little bit wobbly and it took some time to get reorganised. We have been getting lots of work done on the website over the course of the past month as we have found accommodation with an ASDL connection.

We’ve never been able to connect in our room before on previous travels so we’re enjoying it while it lasts, listening to my favourite UK radio station while we work and keeping up to date with all the news from the World Cup.

Though the start of the football has slowed the work rate down somewhat – watching three games a day tends to do that – we will soon have finished a new issue of The Working Traveller (at long last) and will be able to add some new photos too.

We will also be adding an accommodation booking engine to the website, courtesy of Paul who helps out at the Sunrock Backpackers Resort on the other side of the island, above Pelekas beach.

Paul is a past advertiser in JAB and when he heard we were nearby he invited us down for free food and wine; something I would encourage all our advertisers to do. Another place we like is the Flamingo Bar in St Peters , near Kavos, owned by a Northern Irish/Greek couple Alana and Nicos, one of several such partnerships we met when we first arrived on the island.

Kavos is where we were sent when we first arrived on Corfu . We don’t normally do the package thing – we got a ‘no name’ deal – but it was the cheapest way to arrive here and included a weeks’ stay at the Sunrise Apartments in St Peters ; a quieter resort than the noisy, lairy Britsville of Kavos.

Beach, Corfu, Greece

If you are looking for work on Corfu that’s the place to head for: though a lot of the hiring was done last month we saw vacancies offered signs when we were back in the town for the England v T&T game a few days ago. The resort has around 100 bars and restaurants, give or take, and jobs mostly consist of cooking, bar staff and PRing.

It’s not for the faint hearted though – one PR mentioned he was shopping for a stun gun to defend himself when things get a little out of hand. Another was covered in bruises from a self inflicted injury after a turn in the ‘Dentist’s Chair’

We were offered a job ourselves in Benitses, between Corfu Town and Kavos. Before we decided Corfu Town was the place we wanted to stay – despite the higher prices – we nipped down to Benitses to check out some accommodation.

The vacancy was for a cook – I’ve never been offered a job before, most people instantly recognise I’m work shy, so if I can get one here anyone can.

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