600+ Ways to Get Paid to Travel

600+ Ways to Get Paid to Travel

Back at the beginning of the year we wrote about our plans for 2015 in a post now looked on as proof I can write fiction. I said we would be expanding the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, writing ebooks plural, and something about the rug that tied the room together in The Big Lebowski. Ebooks plural, or even singular, remain not just unfinished but barely started and JAB ticks along nicely as it always has with minimal interference from me.

That’s not to say we haven’t been busy. We’ve redesigned PAYAway, and a bit of the Overseas Job Centre, making them suitable for mobile devices. We still had a few tasks outstanding with PAYAway. Our intention was to provide a few ideas for those unsure where to start with working abroad but as usual we carried on and on until we came up with The Really Really Big Page of Ways to Get Paid to Travel or Save Money as a Volunteer.

Among the suggestions we give, each with links to find out more or apply for a job, are DJing in the Alps, managing a campsite in France, guest clergy onboard cruise ships, immersive English teaching in Germany or Spain, sea kayaking instructor jobs in Alaska, crewing a private motor yacht around the Greek islands, cleaning and readying a canal boat in the UK, becoming a dive instructor, holiday rep, airport transfer driver, or artist in residence, leading school tours or gap year programmes, driving a truck through Africa, looking after disabled holidaymakers, working for summer camps in America or winter camps in Switzerland, enticing customers into bars in Kavos, waiting tables in an Amsterdam comedy club, hairdressing on Europe’s waterways, volunteer surf instruction in Nicaragua, working in expat bars, picking strawberries in Denmark, advising holidaymakers on the best methods to avoid sunburn in Portugal, kitchen jobs in Portugal, tour leading in Vietnam, catering stewards in Dubai, and managing a hotel in the Falkland Islands.

This is an ongoing page that I will add to whenever I can and spring clean every now and again to keep it from getting too out of date. It’s a deliberately random list to dive into for inspiration and ideas but the intention now is to reuse and expand on some of these ideas when I update our guide to working abroad and go into even more depth when we eventually get around to writing those ebooks.

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