7 Blogs and Websites by House and Pet Sitters

7 Blogs and Websites by House and Pet Sitters

Want to house sit but don’t know where to start, what it is like and how to get one? That’s not a problem. Perhaps stemming perhaps from having little to do but give Tiddles his dinner combined with comfortable surrounds conducive to writing, house sitters are among the more vocal group of working travellers.

House and Pet Sitting Blogs

Dalene and Pete Heck
A Canadian couple, Dalene and Pete climbed the corporate ladder until, in 2009, they sold everything and bought a ticket to South America. Since then they have become strong advocates for house sitting through their blog Hecktic Travels and have put together an ebook, How to Become a House Sitter And See the World. Check in on their site once a week for a list of hot house sitting assignments.

Read more at Hecktic Travels.

Advice on house and pet sitting

Talon Windwalker
One of those inspired by the Hecks is Talon Windwalker, a former hospice chaplain who along with son Tigger has lived on someone else’s dime in the UK, on a Moroccan oasis, and in Thailand. Talon’s two part guide and tips are invaluable resources for finding your own place in the sun… or Yorkshire.

Read more at 1Dad1Kid.com.

Find out how to house sit

Josie and Conrad Schneider
There’s no ambiguity with the subject of Josie and Conrad Schneider’s blog. Married in 2009 at the ages of 55 and 69, these baby boomers have house sat around the world and, by walking in other people’s shoes credit the lifestyle with bringing the world and other cultures into focus for them. Josie spreads the word both through the numerous articles on their own site and freelance writing for other markets. They are also Airbnb super hosts in their native Michigan and have explored home exchanges.

Read more at The House Sitting Travel Blog.

Free accommodation looking after pets

Charlie and Luke
Charlie Marchant and partner Luke have never used a house sitting website to find sits in Central America, preferring instead to use expat groups and forums, word of mouth and their own dedicated house sitting website. In the year since they began house sitting they have looked after homes in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, including one with 11 dogs.

Read more at Charlie on Travel.

Love animals? Travel for free

Dale Davies & Franca Calabretta
One couple that followed Charlie’s example of setting up a site to advertise their services are Dale and Franca. The Anglo Italian couple were already experienced house sitters and had also volunteered with a dog shelter in Thailand before they set up their vegan pet and house sitting service.

Read more at Angloitalian.

Save money as a house or pet sitter

Nick & Dariece
House sitting plays an important role in keeping these goats on the road. Currently in Cuba, they will soon be returning to Grenada, where they have previously saved thousands of dollars in accommodation costs.

Read more at Goats On The Road.

House and Pet Sitting Blogs

Dave and Jenna
Dave and Jenna left London in February 2013 intending to end their travels by Christmas in Australia. However, they decided to carry on travelling and do so by the cheapest means they could find including vehicle relocation in Australia and house sitting. Their website was born during one house sitting gig when, taking advantage of reliable internet, they alternated dog walks and cat grooming with adapting excerpts from their old blog into bitesized chunks full of thrifty tips and advice.

Read more at Thrifty Drifters.

If these sites have convinced you to give house sitting a go, take a look at TrustedHousesitters, one of the most popular sites for finding house and pet sits.

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  1. Josie

    Hi Shane and Deirdre,

    Thank you so much for including me in your informative and useful round-up of house sitting sites. We are honored! And what a good cause too — house sitting is such a great way to travel, immerse in cultures, and change your life through understanding.

    I am on a crusade to let everyone know about house sitting so thank you for spreading the word.

    Wishing you safe and happy travels,
    Josie recently posted…5 Distilled Travel Tidbits From Around the World: April 2015My Profile

    1. Shane

      Hi Josie, keep up the crusade. We’ve yet to give house sitting a go but I’m certain we will be looking after someone’s pets and home sooner or later.
      Shane recently posted…JobSpy: Teach in BhutanMy Profile

    1. Shane

      Our pleasure. We cancelled a trip to Central America eight years ago to buy a place in Turkey. If only we’d known back then we could of taken that trip and just stayed in someone else’s.
      Shane recently posted…Workers of the World Weekly: April 29, 2015My Profile

    1. Shane

      Happy to. I’m sure it won’t be last time we include you on our sites.

  2. Shweta

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