7. Christmas Dinner & Bombs in Bali

7. Christmas Dinner & Bombs in Bali

January 2003 – Australia & Bali

Hello. We haven’t done a great deal this month. Mostly, we’ve loafed around our friends, Helen and Peter’s house in Nhulunbuy, in the Northern Territory of Australia, enjoying the comforts of home.

Christmas dinner was fish and prawns this year. The Barramundi we caught ourselves on a fishing trip in the Azafura Sea in Peter’s tinny – well, I didn’t catch the fish, but I was in the boat when it was landed so I consider it a moral victory over nature. A stickleback remains the biggest fish I’ve ever caught. Either way it was quite unlike the usual roast dinner we enjoy at home but there at least Tesco can slaughter my dinner for me.

In the evening we enjoyed another dinner at Mark and Natalie’s house, friends of our friends, that consisted of more hunted food: goose and salmon. Lovely.

I could talk about food, and what you have do to get it if you don’t have a supermarket nearby, for much longer but the I-net café will close soon, as will all the restaurants (back to food again). We’re in Bali by the way, in Kuta, not far from the wreck of Paddy’s and the Sari Club.

The bombs that devastated these establishments also devastated business on the island too. It’s not fair – the hospitable Balinese do not deserve their present fate of being a tourist Mecca with so very few tourists.

We haven’t been doing too much other than eat our way around the town as we have been catching up with work and this issue comes accompanied by the Australia and New Zealand Supplement that we promised last issue.

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