7 Jobs Abroad Where Drivers Have an Edge

7 Jobs Abroad Where Drivers Have an Edge

It is a shame that neither of us here at The Working Traveller can drive. We miss out on so many things, both travel and work wise. For us, a car ride can be such a novelty that even after months in a new country where they drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road we are used to, we blunder into the driver’s seat when offered a lift by friends or, embarrassingly, almost sit on the lap taxi drivers.

We were reminded of this when we read a blog post by Holiday Autos on Australia’s wine regions. The post is aimed at tourists availing of their car hire services but could easily be used as a search tool to narrow down where to go to get a bit of fruit picking work and qualify for a working holiday second year visa.

Having a car or campervan makes searching for a job so much easier in rural regions and we see numerous positions posted to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin where a driving license is either an advantage or a necessity.

So, today, we thought we would have a proper trawl through our boards and, looking beyond the more obvious driving jobs such as transfer rep or overland truck driver, explore seven positions where being able to drive will give you the edge over your rivals for a job.

Au Pair and Nanny

While washing the car is decidedly not one of an au pair’s duties, picking up the kids from school will aid any working parent looking for help with raising their offspring. A car also comes in handy for nipping down the shops to do a bit of light shopping. In Europe a driving license is preferred but on the Au Pair in America programme it is essential to have one to get by in a country so entwined with car culture.

Ski Season Massage Therapist

You will need to be mobile in the mountains to work as a massage therapist, and not just to chase the snow. While some roles are fixed to one location in a spa hotel, most masseurs will spend their mornings on the slopes before doing the rounds of chalets and small hotels in the afternoon and early evening. It’s at this time that clients come off the mountain wanting their aches and bumps soothed away. See www.massage-me.com/recruitment for more information.

Chalet Host

Typically the role of a chalet host involves serving breakfast, afternoon tea and a multi course evening meal, plus cleaning and maintaining the chalet, either alone or as part of a couple. Most chalet companies will use a transfer service to get their guests to and from the airport, but sometimes this task falls upon a chalet host.

Care Work

Free accommodation in London is worth your weight in gold, because that’s pretty much the market rate to live in the UK capital these days. While not always a requirement a driving license gives a definite advantage to carers looking to work abroad. We’ve also met a few carers from the UK and Ireland in Thailand recently that are able to travel between jobs at home thanks to their savings working as live in carers.

Driving Jobs


As with care work, housekeeping is another position benefiting from the provision of accommodation. Whether living and working in the hills of Tuscany, or beside a remote beach, an inability to drive will make an otherwise perfect CV head for the reject pile.

House Sitting and Property Caretaker

We see numerous listings on sites like TrustedHousesitters offering a car with the home you are tasked with keeping an eye on. While not having a driver’s license won’t always mean you don’t land the gig, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pop down to the shops without walking to the bus stop?

Cook/General Assistant at a Remote Tourist Lodge in the Falkland Islands

I’m being quite specific with this one as the position (at the time of writing) is waiting in my inbox to be posted to the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. By the time this post is live the vacancy should be displayed on the first page of Latest Jobs. I will also post a link to the ad in the comments below.

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