9. Homeowners

9. Homeowners

October to November 2006 – Turkey

Hello. We were unable to bring you an issue of JAB last month (our apologies) so we have combined two issues into one. The reason: we’ve been busy buying an apartment in Turkey and today we got the keys. So the thanks this issue go to Mike and Lutfi of The Right Move Abroad and to Turgay.

We have been enjoyably homeless for nearly a year and, at last, have a place to call our own and rest our heads between travels. Though until we can afford to buy some furniture we’ll be doing so on a bare floor. Still, the place is our first home so we don’t care that we don’t have a bed.

Last issue we were headed to Skopje and said goodbye to the lovely family we stayed with in Ohrid. We couldn’t find a cheap bed in the city so after wandering around until the 5am train arrived we moved on to Thessaloniki .

We arrived in Turkey via the UK , coming out for £20 with Parador Properties. Though they put us up in a fancy, if leaky, hotel and fed and watered us for five days we wanted to see more of the area before deciding if Turkey was for us.

We have since been congratulated many times for “escaping” and though we had fun with Parador we felt their apartments were overpriced and in the wrong end of town for us.

Didim (sometimes called Altinkum), our new home, is more package tourist than backpacker but it’s by the sea and the local Turks are friendly so we feel we can live here happily enough. Turkey seems to have a lot to offer and we are looking forward to exploring more of the country once we have fully set up home.

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