Backpacker Jobs

9 Paid Jobs For Backpackers (& Their HelpStay Alternatives)

by Shane Donovan

You want to travel and you want to go now but reaching into your pockets all you pull out is a crumpled fiver, a used bus ticket, and a bit of lint that for some reason hasn’t coalesced in your belly button as usual. Clearly you won’t be going anywhere far anytime soon.

There is an answer though: get a job, ya bum! Just don’t get it where you are now. Get it where you want to be and use it to pay for the things you want to do there. Your new job may be great, a wonderful experience in itself or it may be crappy, but it will pay your living costs and for a ticket to somewhere new when it’s time to move on.

Read my guest article 9 Paid Jobs For Backpackers (& Their HelpStay Alternatives) in full at HelpStay

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