Volunteer Work Exchanges in Cave Houses and Cave Hotels in Spain, France, Turkey and Jordan

Volunteer Work Exchanges in Cave Houses and Cave Hotels in Spain, France, Turkey and Jordan

We have written about volunteering in cave hotels already after we stayed in one in Turkey a few years ago. The owner told of his need for volunteer staff and one of our readers later applied for the position and sent us a report of his experience volunteering in Cappadocia.

While browsing through work exchange websites we expected to come across several more in Turkey but instead were surprised to find that the current cave house and hotel work exchange hotspot is Spain.

Experience life in a cave near Petra, Jordan

Bedouin families used to live in caves in and around the historic and stunning Petra site until they were moved by the government into modern housing in a nearby village. Ghassad, who returned home from living in Germany, still prefers to live in his cave and looks for volunteers to help with building walls from old stones, making terraces, and some gardening. In return for four hours’ work a day he will provide lodging and meals in and around the cave.

Discover a historic cave site and an ecological family in France

Fabienne and Philippe live in Doué la Fontaine, a little town near the Loire. They own a historic cave site and need help welcoming tourists and giving guided tours.

Volunteer in a cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

Friendly female workers able to stay two weeks or longer are required to help out in this 15 room cave hotel.

Come and help in a cave house in Baza, Granada

A Swiss troglodyte family with six dogs, ten cats, a duck and hens are looking for help renovating their new property. French and Spanish speaking volunteers able to stay three weeks would be best and they have a preference for two friends or a couple with children.

Off grid cave house in Spain

While one of the owners is looking after a bird of prey in Belgium the other would like to have someone else around to, as much as anything else, add a little extra security and provide an alternative point of view on the project. The owners hope to have the property finished by July.

Ecological tourism project in cave houses in Andalucia

The stimulus behind this project is creating low carbon footprint guest accommodation for tourists visiting the region. They are looking for multi-lingual people, especially French speakers, with experience in responsible tourism. Jobs include working in the permaculture garden, renovation, planting fruit trees, olive harvesting, eco- construction and painting the walls with lime.

Help with permaculture gardening and maintenance in the mountains near Granada

The owner of this big cave is willing to exchange a room for some permaculture gardening, and would also welcome help and inspiration with new projects.

Help out in a cave near Madrid

There is a sparsely furnished cave in it for you for helping in the garden and improving the property.

Small male only naturist cave house needs DIY help to restore cave house

A naturist couple own a small male only naturist guesthouse and need someone (preferably a male naturist) who can help restore a cave house. The work is mainly preparing and repainting the interior.

Sign up to Workaway to apply for the positions listed above. Membership costs €22.00 for two years (€29 for a couple or two friends).

More cheap places to volunteer around the world can be found at www.jobsabroadbulletin.co.uk/free-or-cheap-volunteer-work-abroad/


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