A Great Facebook Page for Finding Work Abroad

A Great Facebook Page for Finding Work Abroad

Geared mostly towards Americans – whether they are globetrekkers or expats – in the US or abroad, Modern Day Nomads provides seasonal and contract work-to-travel listings, arts residencies and study programmes. If you are looking for writing and other creative arts positions you will find yourself particularly well catered for.

From its beginnings in 2006 as a property caretaking site to advertise the services of its founders, Tiffany and David Owens, Modern-Day Nomads morphed into a job listings website in February 2013. But before that MDN’s Facebook page was suggesting artists and photographers apply for residencies in Byron Bay, Australia, passing on travel scholarships and grants to fund our next trip abroad, and sharing how to volunteer at America’s National Parks in exchange for free housing.

Like we try to do on our own Facebook page – the content of which MDN frequently and kindly shares, describing us as a European sister site – Modern-Day Nomads mixes things up with a smattering of travel content shared from travel blogs to complement the working abroad ideas.

Forbes Magazine recently named Modern-Day Nomads as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” and new content is added every day to their website, Facebook page or via Twitter.

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