Hadrian Gate Hotel. Jerash, Jordan

A Place to Stay in Jordan

We got to see the tourism industry from the other side of the hotel fence during our time in Jordan. All rooms are twins or doubles with bathroom unless otherwise stated.

Al-Amer Hotel. Aqaba
Raghadan St. Tel: +962 (03) 201 4821
Our first home in Jordan, the Al-Amer provided the first suggestion accommodation in Jordan wasn’t going to be the bargain it can be in Egypt. Though we negotiated the rate down from JD24 to JD18 we still thought this a little expensive but, with more experience of Jordanian prices, now consider this price quite reasonable. The standard shape and size of many hotel rooms found the world over, we had a large bed, a fridge and TV (no English language channels though). Looking down over the balcony we could see some of the good food options the street offered.

Sea view.

A little run down and no WiFi.

Aqaba, Jordan

Cleopetra Hotel. Wadi Musa
Tel: +962 (03) 215 7090. Email cleopetra.h@hotmail.com Web: www.cleopetrahotel.com
With not much to do in Wadi Musa in the evening a good hotel is essential to recover from the efforts of exploring nearby Petra. For us Cleopetra was that hotel. Host Mosleh made the place more than just somewhere to rest our heads with his friendliness and cups of tea. We rarely stay in dorms these days and that can mean we sometimes miss out on meeting other travellers in our accommodation. The cosy communal area by reception gave us the chance to meet the diverse range of tourists passing through Cleopetra including backpackers, a BBC News journalist and his family and retirees turned WWOOF volunteers. While Deirdre held court I was able to use the WiFi and kitchen table to get plenty of work done.

Spotlessly clean.

Small bathrooms.

Petra, Jordan

Farah Hotel, Amman
Cinema Al Hussein St. Tel: +962 (06) 465 1443. Email: farahhotel@hotmail.com. Web: www.farahhotel.com.jo
The Farah Hotel became our home for our two week stay in Amman. Free limited WiFi was available in our fourth floor room though I’m unsure if this wasn’t from somewhere nearby rather than the hotel itself. Official hotel provided WiFi is offered in rooms or in the communal/breakfast area for a fee. PCs are also available for use. A fridge and TV came in useful when we wanted to bring some of the numerous street food options back to the room. At JD30 the Farah was more expensive than some of its competitors but having checked some of those out we can report on the grottiness of some of the cheaper places in the area. Staff were helpful and efficient and you can sign up for trips on the noticeboard in reception.

Good location in the centre of Downtown.

Small bathrooms.

Amman, Jordan

Olive Branch Hotel, Jerash
Tel: +962 (02) 634 0555. Email: olivekh@go.com.jo. Web: www.olivebranch.com.jo
I so loved the novelty of having a table to work at during out three day stay at the Olive Branch that I didn’t want to go outside. Add a huge, comfortable bed, decent sized bathroom and a fairly remote location up a hill and there was even less incentive to venture through the door. We were quite content sitting on the balcony admiring the view and eating treacle covered pastries rather than do anything worthwhile. Rooms were clean: evidence of daily housekeeping. The location won’t suit everyone and leaves guests reliant on the hotel restaurant for food but the menu is quite varied and the buffet good value. The friendly owners Haia and Talal were still knocking things around to get the place ready for the season but this didn’t affect us too much. Heating had thoughtfully been provided to combat the cold evening weather though we lacked a fridge and English language channels on the TV. Had we stayed in the summer we could have enjoyed the pool or made use of the BBQ and picnic area. A double room cost JD40 and camping is also available.

More than just a hotel this is a mountainside resort.

A little remote if you don’t have a car but taxis can be arranged at reception.

Olive Branch Hotel. Jerash, Jordan

Hadrian Gate, Jerash
Beside Hadrian Gate. Mob +962 777793907
Our biggest regret when we visited Jerash was that we had to leave our room at Hadrian’s Gate to visit the nearby Roman ruins. Overlooking the entrance to the former Roman city of Gerasa this hotel was so close to the ruins we almost didn’t have to. In fact Deirdre, having seen enough of what the Romans did for us during our time in Jordan, did opt out, preferring to spend her time doing lady things in the bathroom and lounging around in the big oh so comfortable bed watching satellite TV. Our room also included a fridge, coffee table and a cot in an adjoining room for a small child. Though he always emphasised it was a team effort it was Manager Walid’s small touches of thoughtfulness and that make this hotel a joy to stay in. Sadly, Hadrian Gate is outside of our normal price range at JD70 per night but I’m sure families would find this place a delight.

Right beside the ruins.

No WiFi.

Hadrian Gate Hotel. Jerash, Jordan

Disclaimer: we stayed at some of these accommodation options for free.

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