Make cash as a Plansify travel advisor

A Plansify For Making a Bit of Cash as a Travel Advisor

Popular travel blogger Derek Baron, aka Wandering Earl, is going to feature quite a bit this month in TWT. Hopefully by the end of August we will have reviewed his ebooj, How to Work on a Cruise Ship* (I have no idea why we haven’t done this before, his guide has been a popular seller on our sites for ages). For those of you that spend all your time at sea throwing up over the side or just would prefer to make a bit of cash on dry land, today we take a look at his latest project Plansify.

Plansify puts those with travel questions in touch with experienced travellers who can answer in the specific and personal way that a guidebook cannot. There is a fee for this service and this is why we are taking an interest for our Working Wednesday slot (though we don’t officially call it this because Jonny Blair bagsied the name first) we usually reserve for short posts on how you can make some money from the road.

For instance Emma Higgins, a solo female traveller with a mission to volunteer around the globe for free prices her services at $40 for a one hour Skype call, while every time Norbert Figueroa answers up to three questions he receives $15.

Should you have some wisdom to dispense, more information on using Plansify to promote yourself as a travel advisor can be found via their help page.

* This is an affiliate link where we will make cash money should you wish to buy this book here

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