A Quick Look Behind the Scenes of our Recent Trip to Bodrum, Plus a Preview of a Hotel That Will Soon be Offering Spa Jobs in Turkey

A Quick Look Behind the Scenes of our Recent Trip to Bodrum, Plus a Preview of a Hotel That Will Soon be Offering Spa Jobs in Turkey

One of the perks of running a group of work abroad and travel websites is that we possess things travel businesses want. And they have things that we need and desire. Every now and again we shake our assets at the travel industry, they show us a bit of leg, and we both get down to making sweet business together.

An example of this happened when we took a brief trip to Bodrum last month. Though we call ourselves The Working Traveller because it reflects best what you, our readers, do or hope to do, we are also working travellers ourselves. This blog is part of the way we work to travel and every now and again we like to provide a glimpse behind the scenes.

We have mentioned this subject before via our how to piece on trading travel advertising for free accommodation but thought to get a little more specific about the results. Less how to this time and more how we did.

The deal with trading advertising is that it works best at the beginning of the season or at the end. Accommodating a travel blogger in a room that otherwise would be filled by a paying customer will cost money. Outside of high season many hotels will have a few empty rooms that are doing nothing to contribute to their overall overhead so a proposal at this time can often prove attractive.

Gliss Hotel & Spa in Kucukbuk, Bodrum

Despite this we weren’t sure if one of the hotels we wished to stay in would be interested in what we had to offer: our readership is more at the backpacker end of the market – as we ourselves are – while they have a more affluent clientele.  Listed #1 for speciality lodging in Bodrum we thought they may be a little out of our usual league but sent our proposal email anyway.

I am glad we did. Though Yasemin and Orkun, the owner and manager of a hotel and spa in Bodrum, were interested in reaching out to new, non Turkish customers they were particularly interested in the services we could offer in helping them find staff from abroad.

Gliss Hotel and Spa won’t be ready until next year to begin recruiting spa staff from abroad so to get a heads up now might be a good time to start receiving the RSS feed of the vacancies we post every week or so to the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. Alternatively, if you want to receive these job vacancies abroad by email please head over to JAB to subscribe to our jobs abroad mailing list.

Gliss Hotel & Spa in Kucukbuk, Bodrum

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