A Short Guide to Travelling Vicariously

A Short Guide to Travelling Vicariously

Giving it all up to go travelling isn’t for everyone. You may be quite fond of your non travelling partner, realistic in your assessment that the mortgage isn’t going to pay itself, or perhaps it is a bad time to uproot the kids.

Maybe you just have a really comfortable sofa and are happy enough to read about the overseas adventures of others and dream that one day you could do the same. If so, you are in luck as there are a multitude of travel bloggers out there to fit your needs.

So, today we’ll be….

…living on a tropical island in Thailand
Torre DeRoche and boyfriend Ivan sought and found a $5 a night bungalow where, after a makeover, they plan to live until the end of the year.

…a single parent travelling the world with my son
Talon Windwalker left the States in May 2011 to ‘world school’ his son. Their experiences so far include working as a dive instructor on the Honduran island of Utila and taking a picture of Lukey the Dog in Ecuador.

…editing a documentary in Beirut
With their baby son, Christine and Drew Gilbert travelled the world in 2010 and 2011 filming their documentary, The Wireless Generation. Currently they are learning Arabic and battling the Beirut power grid in the hope of submitting their film for the Sundance Festival.

…teaching English and taking photos in Thailand
Via his stunning black and white and colour photos, Nicholas Orwin documents his life in Nonthaburi, to the northwest of Bangkok. His every day scenes include going to school on a Tuesday and jumping on a river boat.

… a hipster living in Berlin
Adam Groffman quit his job in 2009 to travel the world and ended up in Berlin in 2011, where he now lives as a twenty something city slicker.

…a newlywed living in France
Diane busts a myth a month about the French, muses on the French look and how buying skin cream can lead to a conversation about her vagina.

…staying in Portugal for free
Matt and Caro are a young Canadian couple embarking on a round the world trip. They recently started working at an eco hotel in the Algarve where they received free board and accommodation.

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