My Bad Travel Photo: Street Scene at Night, Gjirokastra

My Bad Travel Photo: Street Scene at Night, Gjirokastra

I must confess to a certain contempt for photographers trying to illuminate a distant object with the pitiful built in flash of a point and shoot camera. I inwardly scream at people trying to add their own light to something quite distant like, say, the moon.

Then I remember I’m not a great photographer myself. There are great gaps in my knowledge. Thinking about it, the only thing I know is not to bother using flash when taking shots of objects half a mile distant.

For this shot I thought my no flash fundamentalism would be fine if I increased the ISO speed and stood very, very still. The light coming from the lit up castle walls in the background should have been enough.

I could tell myself the photo would have been improved with a better camera and a tripod but after a few more attempts I did get a shot with less blur. It is still rubbish though: an unexciting shot of an empty street at night with a vague outline of the fortress in the background.

Bad photography of Gjirokastra

Thanks to Wandering Earl for the idea behind this series. If you want to submit a bad travel photo please feel free to email us at payawaytravels (at) gmail (dot) com

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  1. Suzy

    I haven’t seen this series but it’s a great idea for posts. I always have trouble with night shots so I feel your pain. Still looks like a cool scene.

    1. The old town is beautiful – something out of a Brothers Grimm fairytale when caught from the right angle (though with more Mercedes). There was a little cafe/bar just out of shot down the hill selling a cheap wine with a slight meaty aftertaste (I’m not fussy). I like to tell myself the blur in the photo is because of that and not my poor photography skills.

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