Blogger’s Guide to Berlin

Blogger’s Guide to Berlin

We thought of doing a guide to Berlin but after careful reflection decided: nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these travel bloggers roaming the world otherwise?

How to Spend One Day in Berlin
Victoria only had 24 hours in the city so she presents to us with this whirlwind tour of what to do in a day in Berlin.

2 Days Berlin
Despite spending twice as long in Berlin, Johnny still had to cram a lot in and presents his suggestions for a spot of speed tourism in the German capital.

East Side Gallery: Artwork on the Berlin Wall
When the famous dividing wall was breached artistically minded Berliners were presented with a long blank canvas to experiment with their new freedom of expression.

How to Conquer the City of Berlin
Nomadic Matt laments how little he got to see in his five days in Berlin and suggests some ways to avoid his sightseeing mistakes.

One Crazy Night Out in Berlin
The temporary residents of Room 503 hit the town.

Berlin Food Rally: Beyond the Plate
Audrey and Dan learn more about Berlin by eating their way around the city.

An Unexpectantly Emotional Day in an Expected Place
Michael Hodson wells up as he remembers the Berlin Airlift.

What to do in Berlin if you don’t like Museums
A guide to seeing Berlin for the historyed out.

Walking Through History on Berlin’s Grand Circle
Jason, however, does like history and delves into the politics of Berlin’s present and past.


Berlin on Flickr

Remembering the Berlin Wall


The Aperture Tapes

Minimalist Berlin Photography by Matthias Heiderich

PhotoMann Travel Photography


Berlin City – Tourist Board Video 2009 –

“Dude, where’s my bus?” – Contiki Berlin, Germany

European Backpacking Adventure Part 14: America Day

Backpacking Artist 9 Berlin

Nomad·ness Travel Series Pilot: Berlin or BUST

Hey You! What song are you listening to? Berlin

Berlin – the coolest city in Europe!

Sightseeing in Berlin, Germany

Bonus Clip for Week 48 “Crosstown Train” – In A Berlin Minute

Berlin city tour from a tourist bus

Berlin’s Nightlife

Matrix Club Berlin

Bourne – a Guide to Berlin

Berlin Street Kids



WikiTravel Guide to Berlin

Berlin Metro Map

Berlin Tourist Map


Berlin on Twitter

Berlin Tourism
Visit Berlin: @BerlinTourism

Berlin: City Guide (Lonely Planet)*
The Rough Guide to Berlin*
DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Berlin*

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  1. multikulinaria

    May I recommend a few more Berlin blogs?

    My favourite is Slow Travel Berlin. It covers places and people who make exploring Berlin worthwile. Without to rush, though…

    Another good one is ueberlin.

    or Berlinrified. Lovely!

    For Foodies the blogs ‘Foodie In Berlin’ and ‘Berlin on a Platter’ are essential: and

    Last but not least I’d recommend the Foodie-Map for Berlin, which is meant to be a collaborative blogger’s map, set up by myself. (google-map)

  2. Hi Peggy. Thanks for the recommendations, particularly your Foodie map. Some, but not all, of the other sites I listed in yesterday’s post on Expat Bloggers in Berlin.

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