Blogger's Guide to Edinburgh

A Week in Edinburgh – Blogger’s Guide to Edinburgh

We thought of doing a guide to Edinburgh but after careful reflection decided: nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these travel bloggers roaming the world otherwise?

Finding Local Stories: Edinburgh
Scottish storyteller Stuart McHardy tells his tales to Janice Waugh.

Photo Story: Leith Docks
Chris Osburn points his camera at the post industrial view of Edinburgh’s port.

Edinburgh vs Glasgow: the Big Fight
Scotland’ capital and its biggest city battle it out.

Daft Signs of Edinburgh
From crocodiles eating the disabled to taking extra care on a ski lift, Edinburgh seems to have more silly signage than most places.

Edinburgh in a Nutshell
What to do in a weekend in the city.

Edinburgh, Scotland = History Overload
Sofia and Nathan wrap their heads around the city’s long history and its reputation as the most haunted city in Europe.

Spooky Edinburgh
Dalene Hecktic is freaked out on a walking tour around the sites of Edinburgh’s legends.

The City that Inspired J K Rowling
Sat at the window with a cup of tea, Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter novel in a restaurant overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

Getting Wild at the Edinburgh Zoo
Having had her face painted like a tiger the night before at a club, New Yorker Alex decides to hit the zoo.


Edinburgh on Flickr

I GO: Edinburgh (This Time In Pictures)

Explore Edinburgh – the City pf Literature in Photographs

Feature: Our Favourite Edinburgh photos



Edinburgh – Lonely Planet Travel Video

Haunted Edinburgh

Dark Secrets: Edinburgh

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Edinburgh, Princes Street Timelapse Nightfall

Edinburgh – 10 Things You Need To Know

Edinburgh accent

Edinburgh – What song are you listening to?

Edinburgh, probably the most beautiful city in the world




Maps of Edinburgh and the Lothians


Edinburgh on Twitter

Edinburgh Tourism

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