A Week in Edinburgh – #TravelTuesday: Runaway Jane

A Week in Edinburgh – #TravelTuesday: Runaway Jane

Tagline: Travel Tips, Insight, and Advice.

Runaway Jane encourages new backpackers to venture out into the world through a combination of tips, recommendations, advice and the author’s own impressions of the cities and towns she has visited.

Started: January 2010

Sample posts
Is There Such a Thing as a Travel Snob?
Is an Inter Rail Pass Worth it?
Frustrations of a Travel Blogger

Runaway JaneBehind the blog: From a beginning as an overdrawn student, Edinburgh based Jane Meighan attempted – and succeeded – in becoming a professional travel blogger within two years of starting Runaway Jane.

Learn more at:
Round the World by Land and Sea (audio) @ Indie Travel Podcast
Around the World with Runaway Jane @ Before You Backpack
The Story of How I Became a Full-time Travel Blogger

Nationality: British

Other sites by Jane Meighan:
Living in a Hostel
Jane’s Guide to Scotland
Make Money as You Travel

Guest posting: Yes
Link X: Yes
Post schedule: 3 to 4 times a week

Stats: (as of December 2011)
Alexa – 126,248
Page Rank – 4
Twitter Followers – 3,624
Klout Score – 38

URL: http://www.runawayjane.com/
RSS Feed: http://www.runawayjane.com/feed/rss/
Ebooks: How to Travel the World for Free (Using Your Blog) and Runaway Jane’s Independent Travel Resources*

Advertising: http://www.runawayjane.com/advertisers-here/


Email – runawayjane@hotmail.co.uk
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