Volunteer Work at the Bronx Zoo

Volunteer Work at the Bronx Zoo

Volunteer at the world famous Bronx Zoo and you will be helping out a worthwhile institution, get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling and to hug a grizzly bear.

Okay, I made that last bit up but the zoo, the largest metropolitan zoo in the world at 265 acres, has two volunteer programmes where animal lovers might be thrilled to get involved. One involves leading groups around the exhibits and assisting with their environmental education programmes, the other is in Guest Relations.

Both programmes will require volunteers to be resident in New York. The first role, as an Education Docent, requires the longest commitment. After passing an interview, candidates must complete a three month training course before committing to working as exhibit interpreters or delivering talks or other duties for one day a week over a minimum two year period.

Volunteer Ambassadors in the Guest Relations department are expected to contribute a day’s work each week from April to October. Duties include providing non-educational tours via golf cart for guests requiring mobility assistance, answering questions and complaints and doing admin.

Applicants for the VA role should be over 18, friendly and enthusiastic and preferably hold a driver’s license and have experience in an administrative or office environment. Volunteers must clear a background check and complete a five day training programme.

More information at http://www.bronxzoo.com/help-wildlife/volunteer.aspx.

Volunteer work is also available with the Central Park, Prospect Park and Queens Zoos and at the New York Aquarium, all managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society. The separately run Staten Island Zoo also welcomes volunteers and interns.

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