Instead of saving a small fortune at home to finance your journey why not just pack a bag and go now? Around the world there are numerous ways to fund a trip by picking up work as you go. Instead of putting on a suit or a nametag our readers wear bathing suits to teach windsurfing in Australia, deck shoes to serve drinks on board superyachts, or flippers while surveying coral reefs in the Caribbean.

The Working Traveller, along with the other sites in our small group, can help you to find a job in a hotel in Italy, a bar in Singapore, on a farm in New Zealand, a backpackers hostel in South Africa, a safari park in Thailand, teaching English in China, serving ice cream by the Aegean Sea in Greece, summer camp jobs in the USA, winter work in Alpine ski resorts, theme park positions in the UK, tour leading in South America, hairdressing on cruise ships, nannying in Russia, leading treks in Nicaragua, internships in the Netherlands, teaching assistant roles in Spain, with Cambodian NGOs, in French theme parks and Egyptian resorts.

Some of these jobs are wonderful rewarding experiences in themselves. Some are crap. Some are paid, some are not. But what they all have in common is keeping you in Barcelona, Bali or Buenos Aires for longer. Though competition for some of the plum jobs out there can be intense, we don’t deal in highly paid skilled positions requiring lots of qualifications and experience, but with short and medium term jobs most of us can do, or learn to do.

The Working Traveller has been described as a fanzine for anyone who wants to find work abroad and has been in existence in one form or another since 1992. Then it was a quarterly photocopied black and white A5 magazine produced with recycled ink from a college photocopier. It has also been the online magazine for one of our other sites and currently is the blog part of a small group of interlinked websites published under the rather grand name of PAYAway Media.

Our other sites include:
Jobs Abroad Bulletin
Overseas Job Centre
Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Abroad

We are not an agency or a company, just a couple of backpackers like yourselves who travel the world cheaply and look for ways you can too. Though our focus is on helping you to find a job abroad we consider ourselves to be a travel site and mix in stories and advice from our own wanderings. We include some travel blogging and social media stuff too as we consider this a part of modern travelling and a possible way to work abroad. It’s what we do to stay on the road and we sometimes like to provide a glimpse behind the digital nomad curtain.

The content on our blogs and websites is derived from a mixture of real vacancies posted by employers, first hand experience, contributed tips, rumour and hearsay. Every day we post something, whether it is a fully researched article, a photo from our own travels, interviews with people living and working abroad, round ups of how other working travellers are doing it, or a job we spotted on another site that we think you might find useful.

The Working Travellers are Deirdre Higgins, a Northern Irish veteran of the working week in France, Belgium, Peru, Thailand and Britain, and Shane Donovan, from London, who has successfully evaded a real job for many years. Highlights from our travels include standing on a baby in Peru, running away from a tiger in Thailand and almost falling off a cliff in Indonesia.

We are recently returned from our fourth extended bout of travelling and now live in Turkey. We first went around the world in 2002 and maintained our website and (as it was then) email newsletter, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, in Cusco, Buenos Aires, Auckland, Bangkok, and Malacca, among other places. In the picture below we are the guy in the cool hat (so I think anyway) and the short one foolishly standing next to a really tall Dutchman.

The Working Traveller

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“Having difficulty finding a temporary job abroad or funding a gap year trip? This site has a wide range of links to organisations that can help as well as many resources of its own. ‘Tramp News’ has information and features for budget travellers and ‘The Jobs Abroad Bulletin’, produced as a monthly email, includes vacancies around the world for voluntary work, conservation projects, TEFL and work in ski resorts.” The BBC Webguide – Best of the Web

“Young, opinionated rag offers an alternative view on gap year organizations” Daily Telegraph

“The Working Traveller could be your most useful companion” New Woman

“Designed for Brits on their “gap year,” this site works just as well for traveling Yanks who’d like odd jobs as they work their way around the world. A bumper crop of opportunities.” Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel – “Behold: The 124 best money-saving web sites for travel”

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We are always interested to hear from other travellers with a tale to tell, particularly if they have worked or volunteered abroad. Just get in touch with us with your idea first. We are also always looking to interview people that have lived and worked abroad.

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