Act Now for Ski Resort Jobs in the Alps

Act Now for Ski Resort Jobs in the Alps

Though the summer season has not long started it is already time to start thinking about snow covered mountains and what they can do to please the bank manager.

Recruitment for most winter tour operators started at the end of May, though many companies encourage applications throughout the year. Early application is advisable and most jobs will be taken by the end of October.

The Jobs

The classic role is that of chalet host, but other positions include hotel cooks and chefs, resort reps, ski reps and instructors, managers, bar staff, hotel waiting staff, maintenance people, housekeepers, kitchen porters, night porters, general assistants, childcarers, nightwatchman, laundry staff and accountants.


Whatever role you take on, hard workers, full of enthusiasm, are required and those with a second European language and good customer service skills will fare best in the job hunt.

Applicants applying to a British tour operator will typically be required to have a UK or EU passport, a UK bank account and a permanent UK National Insurance number.


Benefits vary slightly from company to company but most packages will include wages, full board and accommodation, full medical and liability insurance, transport to and from the UK, one day off per week and pre season training. For most the true benefit is a chance to get out on the slopes and enjoy free hire of ski or snowboard equipment and a season’s lift pass.

UK Tour & Chalet Operators

Below is a quick rundown of some of the tour operators that are or shortly will be looking to recruit for the 2010/11 season.

Equity Ski
Employ around 180 people to work in chalets, hotels and resorts throughout Europe.

Erna Low
Founded in 1932, Erna Low organise 14,000 holidays in the French Alps.

Are particularly looking for chalet chefs who like to express their cooking ability.

Founded in 1934, Inghams starts recruiting ski staff from June and accepts applications all year round.

Le Ski
A family run tour operator looking for a happy and helpful team who enjoy socialising with people from all walks of life.

Mark Warner
Mark Warner has chalet hotels in ski resorts across the Alps in France, Italy and Austria.

Operates in several resorts in Andorra, Austria, France and Italy.

Powder Byrne
Are taking applications from August 2010 onwards.

Skiworld operate over 130 chalets in 24 resorts in Europe and North America.

Supertravel Ski
Seasonal work can be found in France, Austria and Switzerland.

Each winter season 1000 members of staff are wanted to work within the Thomson, First Choice and Crystal Holidays brands.

Work a Season
The recruitment website for Esprit Holidays and Ski Total.

Have 21 chalets in Val d’Isere.


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  1. Tims ski chalets

    The smaller companies may have more openings for promotions in the near future than the larger ones. That’s something to consider if your ambitious.

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    so how do i apply for a job?

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      Full details of vacancies and how to apply is given on each of the websites listed here

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    Hello, just a quick question. i am an australian,where and how do i apply for work for food and bev if i dont have an E.U passport. i know there is work but dont know where to find it. thanks, Dave.

  5. it is always easy to find good ski resorts online, but most of them are expensive but they are great anyway ‘-*

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