Air cabin crew tweeting

Air Cabin Crew Tweets

Heather Poole
Bio: Flight attendant – Yeah, that’s me, the one wearing flammable polyester…

“Once had a passenger kick the cart as hard as he could & then scream “U hit me!” Stunned I just stood there.”

“Oh I just love working an 10hr day without a catered meal & then have to set up the cockpits steak dinner. GRRRRR…”

Bio: I fly….alot…and blog about it too…sometimes I am even aware of what city i am in.

“I literally had a passenger come into the crew rest area, wake me up and ask for diapers. I was momentarily afraid she meant adult size…”

“Lady Gaga was travelling on us today, papparazzi snapping her checking in for the flight. How is getting a boarding card newsworthy?”

Amelia Kelly
Bio: I fly, therefore I blog! AvGeek, travel enthusiast, cabin crew helper, ‘aviation nerd’ fashion lover, shoe collector.

“Dear 26D, if the toddler in row 8 can hold in his farts, then so can you, you’re gassing out our galley!”

“Woo. Hoo. I’ve been selected for company brainwash- errr, ‘training’ later in the month. I just LOVE classroom work *sarcasm*”

Bio: 24, male, half British half French, ex Flight Attendant for Emirates.

“EK to fly to Baghdad and no one is asking Q’s?”

“A window seat is not a God-given right”

Bio: Flight Attendant, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

“Dear Flight Attendant: can u stop pimping ur products and/or services on passengers! Atleast wait until we are done with service. LMAO”

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