Applications are Open for Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Grants

Applications are Open for Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Grants

For an Englishman that has spent the past fortnight viewing the world through a footballing prism and is searching for a new hook on which to hang a post we have essentially written three times already, it is tempting to look beyond our nation’s current mediocrity to the days when we could enter a global struggle for supremacy and actually go and win the thing.

Sir Winston Churchill has already proved a match for the Italians and it is likely getting more than a point against Uruguay and Costa Rica would have earned a big tick on his bucket list, to go along with ‘win Nobel Prize for Literature’, ‘escape from POW camp’, ‘become Prime Minister’ and ‘fund a memorial trust to provide bursaries to British citizens to allow them to study areas of topical and personal interest for the benefit of their profession or community’.

For the last entry on his list, thousands of grants have been awarded since Churchill’s death in 1965. The grants cover all travel expenses, food, accommodation and insurance for four to eight weeks. To be awarded a grant for 2015 your employment or personal interests must be along the lines of the following categories:

* The Arts and Older People
* Early Years Prevention and Intervention
* Environment and Sustainable Living
* Medicine, Health and Patient Care
* Crafts and Makers
* Designer
* Education
* Prison and Penal Reform
* Science, Technology and Innovation
* Young People (18 to 25)
* Open

Applicants should be British citizens resident in the UK, over 18, and unable to resist sharing their passion for their subject.

The closing date for applications is September 23, 2014 and travel must take place within one year of being awarded a Fellowship.

For more information, including how to apply, visit

Australians and New Zealanders can apply for grants in their own countries.

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