Are You A Festive Flyer? Here’s How To Save On Your Airport Parking

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for everyone and if you like to spend the festive season abroad, your costs can really mount up. From the cost of presents to hotel bookings and travel, there’s no doubt that going abroad over the Christmas holidays often requires some careful budgeting.

While you certainly need to factor in the cost of a plane ticket for your Christmas break, you may not have considered another cost – that of using airport car parking services before you fly.

A survey of Google search data and airport parking quotes undertaken by the UK travel insurance provider Staysure revealed some striking insights into the cost and popularity of airport car parking facilities throughout the UK.

Airport Parking Graphic

Due to the better transport links and higher costs for airport parking in the capital, passengers flying from London airports are far less likely to park their cars there. Three times as many passengers from non-London airports search for parking facilities as those flying from an airport in London.

The airport with the highest search volume for parking facilities is Manchester. Three times as many people search for airport car parking at Manchester Airport than at Heathrow – that’s 1 in 20 passengers that pass through the airport.

Airport Parking Graphic

The amount of passengers looking to park at Heathrow is extremely low, even in comparison to other London airports. Although 3 out of every 5 flights to depart the UK does so from a London airport – of which Heathrow is by far the largest and busiest – less than 1 in 100% of Heathrow’s passengers leave their cars there.

The study revealed that the cheapest last minute prices for any UK international airport were those at Belfast, with the cost of booking on the day just £25 more than that of booking in advance.

By contrast, the most expensive prices for on the day parking were at Luton Airport, where passengers can pay £141.49 to park on the day they fly. If you’re flying from Luton and plan to leave your car there, make sure to pre-book at least a week before your holiday. You’ll save yourself a lot of money.

Airport Parking Graphic

The most expensive pre-booked airport car parking in the country is at Stansted Airport, where passengers should expect to pay at least £50 for car parking if they book in advance.

The Staysure study also showed that the most affordable place to pay for parking in advance is Gatwick – and considering that the price increases by nearly £100 if bought on the day, Gatwick passengers should definitely take this into account.

The results of the survey show that, on average, airport car parking costs £3.70 more per day if booked last minute – at least £30 over the course of the holiday. Passengers should expect to pay at least £25 and almost £150 for parking on the day.

Although last minute airport car parking costs vary widely, it’s always worth booking in advance. Festive flying might be expensive, but with a little planning and preparation, there’s no reason why you should find yourself out of pocket.

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