Backpacker Jobs You’ll Need a Driving Licence For

Backpacker Jobs You’ll Need a Driving Licence For

Backpacking can be an amazing experience, and most people return with memories and friends that they’ll never forget. Although we all wish we could travel the globe for months on end without having to worry about money, the simple fact is that travel is expensive. If you’re planning a backpacking trip and want to find ways to fund your adventure whilst you’re out there, take a look at this guide by Izzy from PassSmart. Izzy looks at what jobs are out there and how you might be limiting your employment prospects by not holding a driving licence.

Driving abroad on a UK licence

You are able to drive in the EU with a Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving licence, but if you’re going further afield you’ll need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP). You must be over 18 years old to have an IDP, and can get it from the AA or RAC at a cost of £5.50.

Fruit picking

Fruit picking is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, jobs amongst backpackers in Australia. Available all year round, fruit picking jobs are tiring but relatively easy to find. Many employers, however, won’t offer accommodation so having access to a vehicle can be a big bonus.

If you’re backpacking in a group, try hiring a camper van to get you to and from work everyday. This way, only a couple of you need driving licences and you’re splitting the cost of fuel.

Au pair jobs

Becoming an au pair is a great option if you have experience of working with kids or if you’re on a year abroad and want to gain the experience. The majority of au pair jobs pay quite well and usually come with inclusive food and accommodation.

Au pair jobs generally ask applicants to have a full driving licence as they’ll need to be able to take and collect the children from school, run errands and meet other appointments.

Bar & restaurant work

You may not automatically assume that you’d need a driving licence to get employment as a bartender or waiter abroad, but not having a driving licence may be what sets the next applicant above you.

Depending on how close you live to your place of work and what the local transport links are like, you might need a licence to get there. There may also be times when your employer requires you to go out to make a delivery or go to the store.

Camp America

Voluntary work with Camp America doesn’t require you to have a driving licence but you may find having one is beneficial to you. As America is such a large country, transport links are sparse. Traveling through it, therefore, can be difficult without access to a car.

You’re going to want to see as much of the country as you can whilst you’re there, and the best way to explore is by road!

Backpacker Jobs Needing a Driving Licence

Volunteer teaching

Teaching abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and programs are available in countries around the world. You can volunteer with children, teaching English or, in some cases, other core subjects.

Many teaching locations are in rural areas, with minimal transport links, so having your own vehicle could prove particularly useful.

Working while abroad is a great way to gain experience whilst exploring a new country. If you’re not traveling on an organised voluntary trip, try and secure some work before you arrive, and remember to check what documents you might need to work and travel in different countries. Having a driving licence may not seem vital to your CV, but even if you’re not required to drive for your job, having a licence may sway a prospective employer.

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