The Evolution of the SmartWatch

Travelling with a Smart Watch

A smart watch arouses the primitive part of the brain that drove our ancestors to want a better stone tool and create civilisation.Read More
JobSpy - Job Vacancies Abroad

JobSpy: Ski School Helper

Ski School Helpers work directly alongside the ‘Ecole du Ski Francais’, based at the Ski School in the morning to help and encourage the younger children to get the most out of skiing.Read More
JobSpy - Job Vacancies Abroad

JobSpy: Chalet Support Couple

If as a couple you want to head to the mountains for a winter season but you strive on changes of pace and can adapt quickly – then the support couple role with Ski Amis is the one for you. Read More
JobSpy - Job Vacancies Abroad

JobSpy: Have the Live-a-Board Experience of a Lifetime, Helping with Maintenance on my Yacht in Bundaberg, Australia

Looking for 1 or 2 single persons to help with cooking, & so on in return. Snorkelling, fishing, BBQ's. 3 week minimum stay. All the had work is done so crew & general maintenance is what is required. Read More
JobSpy - Job Vacancies Abroad

JobSpy: Driver – French Alps

We have multiple vacancies for drivers in the French alps this coming winter. All roles will require a clean drivers licence.Read More
JobSpy - Job Vacancies Abroad

JobSpy: Program Support Officer – Volunteer

Burma Children Medical Fund (BCMF) seeks an energetic and organised volunteer to work in a program support capacity. Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Aguas Calientes, Peru

A travel photo of Aguas Calientes, Peru.Read More
TEFL in Prague

Notes from Prague, Central Europe

Christine Thompson, originally from New Hampshire, has taught EFL for the past 20 years in the Kansai Area of Japan, as well as in the Slovak and Czech Republics. She currently works as Director of Studies for Threshold Training Associates and as Lead Trainer and Career Placement Specialist for TEFL International Prague. Today she gives her take on living and working in Prague.Read More
JobSpy - Job Vacancies Abroad

JobSpy: Chalet Concierge

The Chalet Concierge role is responsible for every aspect of the success of our Alpine Chalets. As a result, the position is very diverse, encompassing guest relations, monitoring standards, logistical arrangements and transfer planning.Read More
JobSpy - Job Vacancies Abroad

JobSpy: Assistant Chalet Chef / Host

We have created a new role this year at Icebreaker Chalets to ease the workload of our Head Chefs and assist our chalet hosts.Read More