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Monday Photo: Ko Samui, Thailand

A photo of Ko Samui, Thailand.Read More
Summer Camp Jobs in Upstate New York

A Week in New York – Summer Camp Jobs in Upstate New York

The institution of attending summer camp is ingrained in American culture. Most Americans can expect to attend one of the many thousands of summer camps dotted across the states sometime in their lives. Read More
Volunteer work at the Bronx Zoo in New York

A Week in New York – Volunteer Work at the Bronx Zoo

Volunteer at the world famous Bronx Zoo and you will be helping out a worthwhile institution, get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling and to hug a grizzly bear. Read More
New York blogs and websites

A Week in New York – Blogger’s Guide to New York

We thought of doing a guide to New York but after careful reflection decided: nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these travel bloggers roaming the world otherwise? Read More
Football or Soccer Coaching Jobs in the USA

A Week in New York – Youth Football Coaching Jobs in New York

Major League Soccer side, the New York Red Bulls are looking to recruit experienced coaches to join their player development staff.Read More
Travel Photos

A Week in New York – Monday Photo

Transit map of New York.Read More
Travel around the World

#RTWsoon: Angie & Jenke

Jenke (46) and Angie (39) are a travel blogging couple from Cologne, Germany. They both work in the media: Jenke is a TV reporter and Producer, working for Germany’s largest private television company and Angie is a PR Manager for a German Airline. Read More
Burning Man Festival. Nevada, USA

The Festival A list

Ancient or modern, film, books, arts, religious, comedy, beer or music, today is festival day. Somewhere in the world a town or city is celebrating one of the many thousands of events that make up the social fabric of the varied communities that inhabit this planet.Read More
Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: A Bird’s Arse, Foz de Iguacu

As we demonstrated in the last MBTP, good photographs can sometimes be made by getting the angle just right. Read More
Work at the Olympics

Jobs at the London Olympic Games

Adecco, the official recruiter for the London Olympics, has announced the number of Olympics related jobs being advertised have jumped significantly in recent weeks.Read More