Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: Failing to Catch the Drama of the Location, Amadiya

Continuing our series inspired by some of Wandering Earl’s photographic failures combined with self- depreciating humour, this picture of the Iraqi town of Amadiya is a fine edition to our own efforts to blur and misrepresent some of the astounding things we’ve seen around this planet of ours.Read More
FilmOn TV iphone app for expats wanting to watch UK TV abroad

iPhone App Review: Watch Television Abroad with FilmOn TV & TV Guide

Though I don’t watch a great deal of television - preferring the radio - there are a few programmes from Britain that I would watch given the chance. Living in Turkey that chance doesn’t present itself too often.Read More
#Travel Tuesday

#TravelTuesday: Wandering Earl

A profile of Wandering Earl for bloggers, advertisers and people interested in reading about travel.Read More
Review of The Working Traveller 2011

Merry Christmas. Enjoy These Repeats 2011

Last year, trying to write something Christmassy while putting as little effort into the task as possible, I came up with the inspired idea of writing about things I had already written about.Read More
Volunteer Work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A Week in Edinburgh – Volunteer & Temporary Jobs at the Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh has gained worldwide renown for the large number of events that congregate under the banner of the Edinburgh Festival. While putting on your own show is a great way to be at the heart of the festival, another option is to find a temporary position or, much easier, volunteer to work at the festival.Read More
Blogger's Guide to Edinburgh

A Week in Edinburgh – Blogger’s Guide to Edinburgh

We thought of doing a guide to Edinburgh but after careful reflection decided: nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these travel bloggers roaming the world otherwise?Read More
Finding Jobs in Edinburgh

A Week In Edinburgh – Jobs In Edinburgh Hotels

Edinburgh is believed to attract an estimated 13 million tourists every year. Whether to check out all the sights and sounds of the fringe festival, which is the world’s largest arts festival, to be a part of the famous Hogmanay celebrations or just to visit the various sites of interest, Scotland’s capital city proves immensely popular with backpackers exploring the UK.Read More
#Travel Tuesday

A Week in Edinburgh – #TravelTuesday: Runaway Jane

A profile of Runaway Jane for bloggers, advertisers and people interested in reading about travel.Read More
Travel Photos

A Week in Edinburgh – Monday Photo

Photograph of Edinburgh, Scotland.Read More
Santa Cruz De Laguna, Guatemala

Mary Bartnikowski: Why I Live In… Santa Cruz De Laguna, Guatemala

Mary Bartnikowski calls herself a CEO of fun. Sitting around one day she noticed there was no one to make dinner for. Her son was riding camels and meeting holy men in caves in Morocco when it hit her: she needed adventure and the unknown. Read More