Visiting Erbil Citadel in Iraq

Photo Feature: Erbil Citadel

Despite spawning urban souls for longer than almost anywhere on our planet, a sightseeing tour of Erbil, Iraq, will take in a few average mosques, a couple of nice parks and a busted minaret. On only one attraction can Erbil compete and compete well: the Citadel.Read More
Travel in Northern Iraq

Iraq? Why on Earth Would We Want to go There?

Iraq? That's the place on the TV isn't it? Are you mad? It is and no we're not. This is the 'other' Iraq: It's safe, the people are hospitable and it is well worth adding to your itinerary.Read More
Budget accommodation in Beirut, Lebanon

Cheap Accommodation Thin on the Ground in Beirut

Though cheap food is easily found alongside more expensive eating options, budget accommodation is limited. For this reason, compared to some other countries in the region, Lebanon is not a budget destination.Read More
Three Travel Photographs

Three Photos: Dohuk, Iraq

Three Photos of Dohuk, IraqRead More
Child beggars

Dear Children of the World: Why I Won’t Give You Money

I used to give you money. I was young and naive and a soft touch but now I think giving you money does more harm than good. Here's why I won't give you any money.Read More
Accommodation in Dahab

Life in a Little Room in a Big World

Welcome to the traveller's trade off. It would be easy to feel like a failiure in an uninspiring room like this but walk through the door and we are transported into the magical World.Read More
Three Travel Photographs

Three Photos: Beirut, Lebanon

Three Photos of Beirut, Lebanon.Read More
Cancelled Jordan visa after refused entry to Syria

How Travel Plans and Expectations Change

Nearly three months ago when we began our slow meander from visiting our families in the UK to our home in Turkey (a few miles away from the Meander river, origin of the word) I knew our plans would, somewhere, change.Read More
Twitter 10 Recommended Reading

The Twitter 10: April 2011

Our ten favourite travel articles that we tweeted about the previous month.Read More
Three Travel Photographs

Three Photos: Amman, Jordan

Three Photos of Amman, Jordan.Read More