Travel Photos

A Week in Berlin – Monday Photo

Photograph of Berlin, Germany.Read More
Wine presentation and sampling in a cave in Avanos, Cappadocia, Turkey

Wine Tasting in Avanos

I have been cultivating an interest in wine drinking for a number of years now. After a dry month in Jordan I pounced on some good quality wines within my budget in Lebanon and was keen to rekindle my love hate relationship with Turkish wines.Read More
Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

Our New Site: Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

We have added a new name to our slowly expanding little group of websites. Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Abroad joins the Overseas Job Centre and the Jobs Abroad Bulletin in providing ways to travel longer by working abroad and volunteering.Read More
Paxos, Greek Islands

Two unspoilt Greek islands

One of the hardest things about going on holiday to Greece is deciding where to go. So many islands and so little time! But before you don a blindfold and stick a pin in an atlas, have a look at our pick of two of the most unspoilt Greek islands of them all – Skopelos and Paxos.Read More
#Travel Tuesday

#TravelTuesday: Inspiring Travellers

A profile of Inspiring Travellers for bloggers, advertisers and people interested in reading about travel.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Bansko, Bulgaria

A photo of Bansko, Bulgaria.Read More
Altinkum, Didim, Turkey

Why Winter Seems Longer in a Tourist Resort in Turkey

It rained last night. A big rolling storm buffeted the house, soaked the streets and blew our mosquito net down. If you are reading this in, say, Manchester or Belfast I am sure your reaction is big freaking whoop. It rained here last night too and I’m not writing a bloody post about it.Read More
Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: Crazy House by Michael Tieso

A bad travel photo of the Crazy House in Dalat, Vietnam.Read More
Bondi Beach. Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s Top 5 Beaches

The top five beaches in Sydney Australia, including Bondi, Balmoral, Clovelly, Little Congwong Bay and Lady Martin's beach.Read More
#Travel Tuesday

#TravelTuesday: Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging Blog

A profile of Eileen Barish’s Monastery Lodging Blog for bloggers, advertisers and people interested in reading about travel.Read More